Interviews/physical training preperation advice wanted.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by noodlenoggin, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. I am really interested in joining the TA and last week submitted my 'Army Interest Form' via the army jobs website. I have always wanted to join the forces and regretted very much not appealing to a rejected application when I was much younger. I am 31 years old, married with two kids and my career is pretty damn boring but pays the bills (well most). I want to do something that is totally different to my day job which challenges me mentally and physically and that in the future I can feel proud of being a part of.

    I want to train to be a soldier first and foremost and if I get the opportunity to partake in some fun adventure training then great. I am fully prepared (although obviously apprehensive) to be mobilised for a six month tour if required.

    I wouldn't say I am amazingly fit as have only just given up smoking although I play football once a week and use the wife's cross trainer for 15-20 mins most nights. I would be grateful for any advice regarding preparation for interviews/medicals etc.
  2. Get running. For infantry you need to be able to do 1.5 miles in around 12:30 to get through the door, 10:30 by the end of the first phase of your recruit training.

    Work on push ups and sit ups too. You need to be able to do 45 push ups, 50 sit ups in two minutes each.

    Don't worry about the interviews, unless you're an utter mong you'll be fine.

    Do get a medical at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Thanks Ex Stab, I would like to think that I am not a 'complete mong' but it sounds like I better get my running shoes on! I want to join Queens Own Yeomanry; do you know if the physical requirements are the same?
  4. On the selection day it was just the basic lifting, pull-ups and jerry can run followed by a run. Haven't encountered any press ups/ sit ups yet but I think that is all about to change soon!!
  5. Thanks, is it a selection day or weekend or does it depend on which regement you are joining?
  6. It varies across the TA. If you meet the standards I set out above then unless you're trying for Parachute Regiment or Special Air Service you'll be fine.

    It will all become apparent along the way. Get used to being told conflicting things but ultimately believe whatever your TA recruiter tells you.

    If you've decided on a unit just turn up and ask.
  7. Prove it by using the search function then. These questions are being asked almost every day.
  8. noodlenoggin,

    please excuse jonnojonno, he's prob like the rest of us. A little pished of at all the cuts. But to be fair he might have a point, just turn up and dont eat too many pies and you will be fine.
  9. Thanks Davenport, have searched loads but never came up with that page before, just various links from it.

    I can understand why Jonno would be somewhat pissed with the constant barrage of similar/the same questions form potential new recruits as I'm sure I would be also.

    I'm just trying to get as much info as possible beforehand but I think the best I can do right now is to be patient and wait for someone to contact me and take it each step at a time.

    Thanks all,

  10. Pester them on a weekly basis or you could be waiting months.
  11. thats the best advice you will ever get!! its so true and my bold too!
  12. Cheers, I was telephoned by the army call-centre yesterday (following a request for information online) that has arranged a meeting at my local army-careers office for a weeks time. However the last time I spoke to the careers office they advised me to contact the barracks directly or apply online (which I have) so I am unsure as to what good this meeting is going to be?

    Do you think I should turn up to the TA units next drill night and try and speak to them in person or should I go along to this meeting?
  13. Yes. Telephone today before 4pm and arrange an appointment with the recruiting staff for next Tuesday. You should still keep your appointment with the careers office or call them to tell them you've gone direct to the unit.

    (Tip - odds are it's a "TA Centre" rather than a Barracks) ;)
  14. I phoned the army careers office yesterday and they confirmed my suspicions that the call centre just try and book you in at any time as they get paid on commission and it doesn't seem to matter if its convenient or needed! I will contact the 'TA Centre' today and arrange to go and see somebody at the next drill night.