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I'm due to attend main board in January and have been doing all the usual things to prepare, I was looking for threads about the interviews at main board but struggled to find ant useful information. I know there is three different interviews all covering different aspects.

My question is what is involved in each of the interviews? and what sort of preparation can I do?
Hey Maclad,

Xoums, who has passed his main board and is heading for RMAS in January emailed this to me when I emailed him with some main board questions. Hope it helps.

"... One is focused more on you as an individual, what are your achievements too date be it in sports, school, work etc... what do you like doing? what is your background? what has led you to choose to become an officer?

The second interview is slightly more formal, although in a relaxed manner. I was asked why I thought I was better suited to be an officer than the rest of my group? After much humming and head scratching, I answered that I was good at languages and bla bla bla cultural bridging ect....I was then asked if I was ever involved in a situation were something wrong was happening and had I stepped in to stop it? that was a tough one. Stupidly I answered with a story where I had cracked a junkies head in two with a baseball bat that was trying to mug me at knife point....After I finished telling that story I just felt a long drop of cold sweat run down my flank and thinking" you are such a twat for admitting to that..."

Third and last interview was an academic one, I was rather lucky it was very short ,about 5 minutes. Never got asked anything difficult. However I did hear from other applicants that they were asked speed distance time questions and some mental arithmetic questions by the interviewer, so it might be worth preparing for that.

All in all the interviews were the least difficult part, the DS are really clever and easy to get on with people. I never felt under pressure with them. And treated them more as informal chats than actual interviews. They lasted 5 to 10 minutes at most."
...the DS are really clever...
Its easy to LOOK clever when:

a. You do this week in, week out for a living.
b. You know the questions you are going to ask and therefore the answers.

They are just normal officers, not supermen!

Too many people on this site get far too worked up about the selection process, people did actually pass it before the internet and arrse existed. I will let you into the biggest secret of all...there isn't a magic bullet.

Fitness, current affairs, mental arithmetic...etc, can be worked on, they don't try to make it a secret what they will test you on, there is even a AOSB blog with a load of practice questions on it. (Google AOSB preparation if you haven’t found it yet). If you turn up unprepared in these areas you deserve to wipe.

On the subject of interviews if you are turning up for a selection process for any job you should have good reasons why it is important to you. Further more you should have examples of how you have solved problems, dealt with disputes, persuaded others to follow your lead…As you can see from Xoums’ note they know you are under pressure and don’t expect perfection. Get yourself on a couple of fam visits, most contain an interview of some sort and this will help you feel a bit more comfortable sitting down in front of an officer/retired officer and answering questions.
Remember you are not competing against the others but against a set standard so if they do throw the “why are you more suited than others?” thread out there, focus on what you can do, what do you bring to the party that is unique/different.

I have said this before, everyone flaps a bit, you will get the butterflies at some point and this will happen for the rest of your career as you encounter situations you haven’t initially got a ******* scoobies how to solve – the trick is flap internally. It is how you react to the outside world and how you nail the problem that counts.

Good Luck
Thanks for the answers they are both really helpful I guess I'm just worrying my self. whilst im thinking about it when you do your lecturette on a subject from your cv do you have to prepare before hand or do you wing it?
the lecturette is done after command tasks and after lunch, you have 15 minutes in the classroom to prepare beforehand on a variety of subjects taken from your CV/ things they picked up from your interviews followed by the lecturettes themselves.
If you have been honest on the CV and whilst at westbury you should be fine. 5 minutes really isn't that long a time anyway, I found I could have done with another 5mins!
make sure you don't pick a really bland topic, someone in my group had the great idea to talk about the rules of tennis! (like everyone doesn't know them anyway!?) needless to say very boring and it showed, we lost interest and the DS lost interest.
perhaps you should watch the dvd again, im pretty sure it shows you most things and runs through the timings of everything?

as gonville said, stop worrying! turn up and do your best.
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