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I wrote a thread a couple weeks back as i was thinking of joining the reserves.. now my thoughts have changed after considering various roles available within the army

reserves is still an option but i am considering regular also.

I was initially interested in infantry, and i still am and i don't mind if i'm deployed etc but now after more research and thinking on it, i am now leaning more towards either:

- RLC - Ammunition Technician (main preference but completely shit at maths)
- REME - Armourer
- Guardsman (unsure if i can as im a 27 Yr old Woman)
- Intel - OIT (Also have btec quals and a cisco qual in ICT)

Obviously i need to narrow it down to what I hopefully may be accepted for, if i am at all.

I'm going to my local careers office during the week, but hoping someone may help me in mean time so i know what more to brush up on and be more prepared.

I know i need to know history of army and regiments, numbers etc but there is so much info now, i'm not sure exactly the main parts i need to brush up on otherwise if i try and learn it all i will be too old to do anything ha.

the fitness tests don't bother me as much due to that i'm quite fit and healthy already just adding to my strength workouts etc before i apply in next couple months when i feel i'm strong enough.

Aside from the history, I'm worried more so about the academic tests, i'm not bad with English, but when it comes to maths exams i go blank and freeze up, major fear of numbers, are they really as bad as i'm convinced they are? I feel sick at the thought of it and its the main thing holding me back and keeping me awake at night, i know i will fail it, and obviously i'm in a state over remembering all the history etc also.

also, are the English and Maths tests apart of the 'BARBS/BACT' or are they separate?

As i said, i'm a 27 year old woman, i don't even know if i'm too old, but i'm definitely going to try anyway and i don't have any kids or that so nothing as such holding me back aside from myself and my fears.

I have looked on the army website etc but its not giving much away in terms of info.

I just don't wanna waste their time if i'm just going to fail and get rejected because i'm not prepared enough or clever enough to pass them.

sorry for the long post.

if anyone can get anything from that and provide any info I would be truly grateful.



1. Guards are infantry.
2. There is a sticky thread dedicated to recruiting chat. Please use it.
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