Interviews 1 & 2 choices information?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Smudge101, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I have been going over my three choices;

    1. Infantry
    2. Tank Crewman (FR)
    3. Combat Engineer

    Now i now that for the 1st choice, during your interview, you have to give information on which regiment you want to join, the history of the reg, where you will be training, how long ect...

    Is this the same for the 2nd and 3rd choices as well, asking because i have no intention of really going for my third choice so havent really looked into the RE regiments ect.

    Any info appreciated...

  2. In my 3rd interview my recruiter (who was the office manager) asked me mainly about my 1st choice (int corps) but also asked me for some info on my second (EW Operator). So probably best to read up on both.
  3. Look into all of them and look into what choice 3 actually is rather than saying combat engineer
  4. Ah didnt realise it was a TA position not regular. My other choice for 3rd would be AAC ground crew then i guess. Thanks for advice, guess wil just have to look up on all of them :)

  5. Mate it's not a grilling anyway, just show you've looked into the other 2 but say they don't particularly interest you as much as choice number 1 and you're really keen to be an infanteer, it's honest and they won't look at it negatively because you know what you want to do and don't intend to settle for 2nd best!
  6. You do not need a 2nd and 3rd job choice at all, we ask you to pick them on the basis that you get to ADSC and fail for your first choice, at least then rather than going away feeling rejected you can be offered something else that you may have been interested in if still suitable ;)

    If you want one job choice only then as long as your recruiter details why in his report it is fine, i interview plenty of people on the 2nd interview that only have Infantry as their job choice, if they arent interested in anything else then what is the point of them researching it and more importantly why risk them getting selected into something they arent interested in to begin with ;)

    But if you go forward to ADSC with 3 job choices showing, then be prepared to get asked questions on the job description, the locations of phase 1 and 2 training and how long the training is etc.

    It baffles me why people turn up for interview having been told to research regimental history etc, thats fine if we are enlisting trainspotting historians but its soldiers we are after :D
  7. Thanks for that fivetodo. Think i will go with just the first 2 choices then. Ive got my BARB test in a few days, but my recruiter didnt mention having my first proper interview, shold i phone and ask if i can have it straight after the BARB test?

  8. Nah I don't think that would be a good idea Smudge. I'm no expert and I'm sure someone will correct me if my opinion is wrong but I think that they'll tell you when they want you for the interview.
  9. hey smudge > from what I can make out you do the barb, lit and numeracy. They send away your medical, and once they recieve the clearance from the medics they move onto the next stage. My next stage on receipt of the medical forms is a nurturing day apparantly. Then once this is passed I can move onto the interview followed by ADSC.

    I wouldn't take this as gospil but I doubt they will interview you until medical form has been passed. Hope this helps fella
  10. They wont do your 2nd or 3rd interview untill they have rec'd your Medical and/or reference (in my case anyway).
  11. Cheers for all the advice. Been going back wards and forwards over what i want my 2nd and 3rd choices to be. Decide on something then read someone saying its rubbish!!

    Think im gonna go with
    1. Infantry
    2. AAC GroundCrew
    3.Tank Crewman MBT

    Only problem is on the official army website there is no info on the Regiments of the AAC.

  12. hi am in the process of joinin and am joining the infantry.i havent attended any of the interviews as yet, is it ok if i have my 3 job choices all in the infantry
    3.aglican regiment
  13. Is this a wah? 'cos if it is, you have to tell us! :wink:
  14. Whats the point in having all three infantry, why not just have one and then no 2nd or 3rd?

    What happens if you dont make infantry? Or you realise you dont like it?
  15. Then he's screwed...

    Mine are

    Officer, RMP.
    Officer, PWRR.