Interviewing Iraq veterans

My name is Ian Sinclair and I write regular articles for the Morning Star newspaper and the website Znet (see, for example and I do this in my spare time (I work 9-5) and don’t get paid.

I am interested in doing an article consisting of interviews with British soldiers who have recently returned from Iraq. Specifically I am interested in finding out what British soldiers themselves think about the conflict, as I believe their point of view has often been ignored in the whole debate surrounding Iraq.

I am interested to find out their opinion on various issues such as:

-The day to day situation on the ground in Iraq
-The popularity of the UK troops among Iraqis
-The strength and popularity of the insurgency
-The anti-war protests at home
-Tony Blair’s justifications for the war leading up to the 2003 invasion
-The idea British forces should withdraw from Iraq in the near future
-How British soldiers returning from Iraq have been treated

I could either do an interview by email or in person as I live in the London area. Of course the interviewees anonymity would be paramount. The circulation of the Morning Star is only about 16,000 a day and Znet only gets about 25,000 hits a day but I think this is an important topic that people should read about.

If you can help me please send me an email.


Ian Sinclair


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Up your hoop you bloody communist. Didn't you notice your lot fcuked off after the Wall came down?

(Damn, must stop drinking port on week-nights)
Themanwho said:
Up your hoop you bloody communist. Didn't you notice your lot fcuked off after the Wall came down?

(Damn, must stop drinking port on week-nights)



War Hero

With much regret I am going to have to ask you to pucker up and kiss my rusty old ring, journo filth!

Kind regards etc

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A self-confessed journalist. Who, by his own admission, works for the Morning Star. Asking for help on this web site.

You've got to admire his balls. Well, perhaps later then.

Edited with apologies to Blackadder.
Ordinairily I'd dispose of this, but to once again paraphrase Blackadder, "I have to admire your swingers"

Ian, Soldiers aren't allowed to talk to the media without prior permission as you may be aware, you would need to address your request via the appropriate desk at MoD Press Office.



Please do not take disparaging comments that follow this post to heart, they hate all journalists, not just the ones that work for red banner newsmedia :)

No doubt this thread will soon be populated with "WiWi BAOR" anecdotes now :D
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Hope this helps!

Edited to say "PTP your timing was bang on the money"

do you pay us for interviews? take us out for a slap up meal at Mrs Miggins Pie Shop? If yes, call me in the New Year.

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