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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Giblets, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and Gents, I have been approached by a blurk called Ian Sinclair who writes (apparently for free) for the Daily Communist. He's asking me (and others) to write about Iraq and povide stories.

    Truth is, I'm a walt and have never been in a two way range. Does anyone else want to pick up the batton and tell him what you think of his paper, and journos in general?

    The text of the emal is below:

    My name is Ian Sinclair and I write regular articles for the Morning Star newspaper and the website Znet (see, for example
    and I do this in my spare time (I work 9-5) and don’t get paid.

    I am interested in doing an article consisting of interviews with British soldiers who have recently returned from Iraq. Specifically I am interested in finding out what British soldiers themselves think about the conflict, as I believe their point of view has often been ignored in the whole debate surrounding Iraq.

    I am interested to find out their opinion on various issues such as:

    -The day to day situation on the ground in Iraq -The popularity of the UK troops among Iraqis -The strength and popularity of the insurgency -The anti-war protests at home -Tony Blair’s justifications for the war leading up to the 2003 invasion -The idea British forces should withdraw from Iraq in the near future -How British soldiers returning from Iraq have been treated

    With this in mind I am contacting a few people who have their email address on the Armed Forces Rumour Service as I thought this would be a good a good starting point for getting in contact with soldiers - hence my (unsolicited – sorry) email to you. Have you served in Iraq? If not, could you pass on my email to people who have?

    I could either do an interview by email or in person as I live in the London area. Of course the interviewees anonymity would be paramount. The circulation of the Morning Star is only about 16,000 a day and Znet only gets about 25,000 hits a day but I think this is an important topic that people should read about.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Ian Sinclair
  2. If you fear to say exactly what you think to a communist newspaper then reject the proposition.

    If you are a man and true soldier then why not?
  3. Why not? Because my old mucker being communists they might be past masters at editing text for their own propoganda exersize.
    Then again, they might be honest - tread carefully.
  4. Oh how I used to enjoy Pravda's weekly "Tales from the front" chronicling the everyday lives of ordinary Soviet soldiers - just like Soldier Magazine really. No pin ups though.
  5. It is not a problem at all. Make your interview in the written form, sign a contract with the newspaper that in the case of any distortion they would pay a compensation for damage.

    Though I doubt that Morning Star would change your opinion. Remove a word c**t (along with similar words) and a good half of post from this messageboard could be used for communist propaganda.

    There is in fact only one good reason not to deal with Morning Star. It is a marginal, absolutely unifluental edition and interviews would be a waste of time.
  6. Quite right old boy, stick with 'The Worker's Hammer' that's a quality paper.

  7. Not quite true. The MS is influential within those few bits of the British labour movement which retain any industrial muscle (the London Tube, for example).
  8. I wouldn't write anything to any politically extreme rag, communist or facist. They are all very adept at twisting comments to meet their own nefarious agendas.
  9. He is a journo. Treat him sceptically.
  10. I searched for "Armed Forces Rumour Service" on Google and no results came up. So beware that any correspondence entered into may not be reproduced accurately. :)

    At least he has done the decent thing by only spamming a few people, rather than creating his own post, which has cut down the the abuse considerably.
  11. I would rather have my testicles microwaved than give any information to this journo about any of my army service.

    Unsolicited emails are cheap spam that I really get hacked off by.

    Simon............bite me :highfive:

  12. Maybe this individual has problems translating the word "NO!"

    See, that was easy :thumright:

  13. Oh yeah...All the visual flair of a telephone directory. Why is it those who sell it seem to forego any attempts at basic personal hygiene? Do they somehow consider it 'bourgeois' or 'counter-revolutionary'?

    Is that some Dave Spart thing?