Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by corr, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. hav my formal interview on the 31 st of july got word today that i ve bein medically cleared,,,,

    i am just lookin 4 advice bout the interview does anyone know wat the questions are like etc??

    any advice much appreciated ,,
  2. Advice? Sure...
    Use the search function.
  3. Maybe work on your grammer aswell?

    F*cking awful.
  4. It will vary, he/she will probably just ask you why you wanted to join the army, very basic questions. nothing to worry about, you can't really plan ahead.

    Just be confident, that's all :)
  5. thanks flash gear
  6. They will most probably ask about your regiment aswell, so a bit of knowledge where you will be based is a good idea. and where the CIC training course is, and how long it lasts. This should all be in a booklet that you should have been given.
  7. Its easy peasy
  8. Know things about yourself and job choices. Turn up smart.
  9. the last day i was up in the recruitting office i did my barb test i got a 56, but the computer crashed so i didnt get my job choices?

    i am hoping to go to The Royal Irish Regiment and i have researched them alot so hopefully i get through the interview,

    thanks again for the advice
  10. hey i did my interview last week i was shi**ing myself before it like but when i got in there he was just talking to me like anyone would. just learn your job choices and all the training you will do and what happens in selection and he will ask you to say things about yourself like family etc. its easy don't worry about it.

    oh and wear a nice suit :p
  11. Go in your birthday suit, that will get you his attention :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.