Discussion in 'RLC' started by richie_n69, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. got a interview with a ATO for changing trades tomorrow and was after a heads up? any one had one before, what did he ask?
  2. speak to sir_dae, he's pretty up to speed on this subject.
  3. Heh heh. More than the ATO PSO from the way he's talking.
  4. yer, ive been reading that thread, hes not all there!!!
  5. no, but given the fact that he's in limbo with his legal situtation, he's finnding this a great stress relief if fcuk all else.
  6. I thought you said you didn't do anything? If you didn't.... then you have nothing to worry about have you?

    Me thinks you're going down, standby for being someones Bitch on the new boys wing. Surprised they didn't remand you in custody - tosser.
  7. oooooh, w@nksplat wants in does he? tw@t off, cnut. WOW this really is quite stress relieving :D
  8. thats all good lads but can we try and get back to the subject!!!
  9. Be yourself.... Hopefully you'll be selected. If not, don't worry. It's better to find out now, than after 6-12 months of wasted study.

    At least you haven't got a firearms offence hanging over your head to worry about. :)
  10. Dae - Why dont you try and be a little less abusive in your replys you might come across a little more credibly and then not have the whole of arrse jump down your throat when you say something.

    Just a bit of advice, but remember this in no way makes us mates, buddies or mukkas so please dont refer to me as such as i find it grating.
  11. What happened to the other thread - I take it that it has been removed.

  12. OK, thanks............. Ol' buddy, ol' mukka, ol' pal

    nah, only fcuking with ya. i suppose i can respect that, fella. really, i'm not as big a chunt as i sometimes come across as. i did spiral downwards a bit on the apology thread if i'm being honest with myself.
  13. my interview basically was about the reasons i wanted to transfer and what assumptions i had about the trade.