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  1. Hey,
    Just wondering, how long does the first interview usually last?
    The reason im asking as because if it doesn't take long, then i could make a day of being up in wembley and meet up with some friends and go out ect.

  2. How long's a piece of string? They'll tell you when they'll tell you. Obviously.
  3. Just give him/her one word answers, interview will be over soon enough - explain you have friends to meet, there sound about things like that
  4. By your attitude i would say it will take the recruiter about 7 seconds to decide you are a complete cnut and firmly place his size 10 between your buttocks and send you on your vacuous civilian way!

  5. Hmmmm glad to see your priorities are firmly in the right place if you have any real intention of joining then I suggest you spend time considering the questions you will be asked and planning your responses, rather than polishing your bad boy flame red passion wagon of a Nova you chav tw@t.
  6. lol..
    i am NOT a chav.