Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by huggybear, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. got my interview this week for the rifles, and was wondering would a suit be too much. or will smart casual do. thanks
  2. Depends on the suit.

    A bear suit might not be taken seriously.
    Birthday might provoke ridicule.
    No 2s might be seen as a bit optimistic.

    Stick to Armani, dress to impress.
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  3. Don't listen to Nobby Sapper. The man's drunk.

    Get yourself down to the local army & navy stores, lad, and purchase yourself a nice set of combat 95's. They'll be impressed by how keen you are.

    Happy to help.
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  4. I'd go dressed as Vera Lynn, God love her. Now don't wear high heels you'll get bunions.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Maybe the OP has the legs to carry that off. Because lets face it honey, you haven't.
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  6. Auntie Kitty carry on being nasty and it's the Autumn house stalag for you.
  7. Go with one of those t shirts with the stick men doing a double on a lady stick woman with the names, me, your mum and hitler with arrows pointing to the figures. If I was the recruiting officer, I'd promote you immediately to Major general and let you have turn on my daughter.
  8. Sod all this interview nonsense. Just burst in and say "alright fatso, when do I get my kill machine?"
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  9. Wear the suit and a shirt and tie, shows effort. Above all polish those shoes, not to a mirror shine parade standard, just well brush polished. Sounds a bit daft this but if I ever go to and interview I always brush polish the sole of my shoes too, if the interviewer is following you up some steps they dont want to be looking at years of crud on the bottom of your shoes. Get a bath and a shave, dont wear aftershave, you arent out on the pull remember. Most importantly be yourself, tell the truth and if you havent got liquid shite running down the back of your trousers through nerves before the interview something is wrong. Good luck :grin:
  10. Go hide in the office and tell them you've been there all day and would like your snipers badge now.

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  11. It's the TA not a real job, just dress smart.
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  12. Do you mean use a brush to clean the soles of his shoes or actually Polish the soles? I'd love it if you walked in to my office with your freshly polished soles leaving footprints everywhere.
    Is this your gaff? shoe1.jpg
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  13. I did that to my mums carpet when I was a spacey.

    She was not pleased
  14. I don't think you lot are taking this seriously.
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