After completing my BARB test a few weeks back i have now received a letter from my AFCO that i have an interview next Wednesday. I know this is a shirt and tie interview and that they will be giving me info on the position i am applying for, but i have also been told that they are going to ask me questions on a few things that they will expect me to know history etc. Has anyone who recently completed this interview give me an idea on what to be studying or what they are going to ask me?

Also,will i be able to choose when i go for 2day selection or will they give me a date at the interview?i ask this because i lost 2weeks training time after twisting my knee and to go for selection say 4 weeks after my interview would be ideal to make up lost ground.


Alright mate, i have done all the test/interview etc and am just waiting for my RSC date. I take it your joining the infantry as you mentioned 'history', (not usually associated with corps, sappers excluded!) I dont think your recruiter will expect you to know any great deal of info about the reg your joining other than who they are and what they do, so as to make sure you know what your in for at catterick and dont jack your hand in after a week! If you do feel you need some background info however ,the army web site provides details on every unit in the British Army. Good Luck.
Cheers mate

I did my interview last week and iv got RSC next week :D They sorted it alot quicker than i had expected but the sooner the better imo.Iv also been told im looking at starting basic at the end of september and yes mate i am going infantry,Royal Anglian Regiment.
What are you going for??


Good regiment Gunz well done, beware of the 1st Bn, The Vikings are a bit odd.

When I was bound apprentice in famous Lincolnshire...etc
Cheers LostBoss

Im really excited and up for it at the moment mate.Just hoping that everything goes well

As for the Vikings, iv got a mate who is in the highlanders and he told me the Vikings are a bit of an odd bunch. Im from Northants though so im going for the poachers :)

Are you in the Infantry LostBoss?

I have applied to join the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment, i hope ill be at catterick in September some time. Just waiting for my date to attend RSC at Lichfield.

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