After completing my BARB test a few weeks back i have now received a letter from my AFCO that i have an interview next Wednesday. I know this is a shirt and tie interview and that they will be giving me info on the position i am applying for, but i have also been told that they are going to ask me questions on a few things that they will expect me to know history etc. Has anyone who recently completed this interview give me an idea on what to be studying or what they are going to ask me?

Also,will i be able to choose when i go for 2day selection or will they give me a date at the interview?i ask this because i lost 2weeks training time after twisting my knee and to go for selection say 4 weeks after my interview would be ideal to make up lost ground.


Turn up in a suit (if you have one) with short hair and clean shoes. Make sure you have shaved. Know a little about the Corps/Regiments you are considering, go to the army website and look at the profiles for each. Turn up 10 mins early for your appointment and call the interviewing officer Sir or Ma'am. They will probably ask you why you want to join the army and what assets you have to offer so have a good well thought out answer.

As for your selection dates, tell them you are going on holiday and will be unavailable for the dates in question.

Have fun.
How did it go?

(see, i can be caring :wink: )
It went really well thanks Gado

Im going to up Edinburgh in a couple of weeks for RSC and if all goes well there i will hopefully be going to Catterick for basic at some point during September..I'v been speakin with a recruiting sergeant for the Royal Anglian Reg and he seems keen to get me on an intake asap :)

As for the knee.i seemed to make the progress back pretty quickly and it did'nt feel like i had lost much fitness so i decided not to stall on RSC. I just want to get the process moving as swiftly as possible.


Just a quick tip from an old sweat . If you have had a bit of knee trouble as with all joint problems , pop to the health shop and get some cod liver oil tablets . Start taking them now so by the time you get to Catterick you will be ready for trainig . Dont forget that you dont start at 100 mph with the physical bit , its a steady increase . Best of luck any way .
good to hear it Gunz, keep us posted on how its going.

Good luck
Cheers lads

Got my dates for RSC today,so im off to Edinburgh next Wednesday for what hopefully will be a successful selection process..The further through the application i'm getting , the more excited i get :D

What Corps/Regiments do you guys serve in?

Thanks for the support!


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