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Hello All,

Well, I have my Interview next week at my ACIO with my recruiting SGT.
Im nervous to say the least!
He wants my 1st 2nd and 3rd choice as I have changed my jobs around a little since when I first came into my local ACIO.

They are RA - Special Observer
RLC - Driver/Comms Specialist
RA - Gunner Light Gun

My SGT has told me to look up my chosen jobs thoroughly. I am just wondering what sort of questions will I get asked so that I can do my best in my interview.

Thanks Guys

What the job entails, how long is phase 1 + phase 2 training and where does each take place, why you want to do the job, where the regiments are based, TACOS, etc. etc.

No need to worry, just go over your job briefs and also the pages for those particular jobs on the Army website. Good luck.
Don't worry about it and relax. Just think about all the things you need to find out...there should be a lot as you are going to be signing up for a totally new life. Like I said use it as an opportunity to find out all info about the lifestyle and not to try and impress the Sgt. The last thing you want is to walk away from there wishing you had asked questions that you didn't because you were trying too hard to give him/her the responses that you thought they would want.

Hope it goes well.
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