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  1. Howdy, Im sure that this has probably been covered. But im applying for the british army, cmt to be exact, and I was wondering what the interview questions would be like.

    Ive had my BARB test, scored 82. Done basic Maths and English skills. Got level 2 on both.
    I am currently going through the medical forms.
    But yeah, can anyone give me a heads up what the questions will be like.
  2. Welcome to the site, L_R, and congratulations on doing well in the BARB.

    Yes, your question has been asked before, and yes, using the "search" function for "interview" will produce a result. Some kind posters have even related their experiences for you!

  3. Been a few years since I had mine, but if I can recall correctly you'll be asked about why you want to join the Army, what you know about the training and job you want to do. Also how your family feels about you joining and various questions like that. Really, it's nothing to worry about and aslong as you turn up looking smart and present yourself well you will do fine. Good luck.
  4. Well, I was doing what the first guy said and reading over others. And someone has put something about short hair for the interview.
    I have mediumish hair, nowhere near below my ears and doesnt cover my eyes.
    Will this be a problem?
  5. your hair doesnt come into it, you might want to brush it but that is about it, if you go in looking like CatWeazle or something that licks electricity sockets then you might raise a few eyebrows :D
  6. LMFAO. brilliant reply :D
    Nah it just got me thinking when i seen the guys post.
    In all honesty, im nervous more than anything, because my parents finally decided to back me on the idea of going in. 18 next month so they couldnt stop me anyway. But if you havent got family behind you, whats the point :)

    And, ive had a good search, but there arent any eample questions etc or stuff to help me revise on.
  7. The first interview is a doddle...Its basically a character assesment as such...Asks about your hobbies, your family. money...Basically a chat while he takes notes and its pretty chilled out! The second one you peform your ice breaker, talk about adsc basic training and what to expect.,..quiestions about your job choices, ranks etc! Just be confident...And ull sail through chap!

    Good luck with it all!
  8. There is nothing you need to know apart from be honest ;)

    Dont think of it as an interview, think of it as someone wanting to write a story about you :)

    The recruiter needs to build a profile on you that sells you to the selection centre and there are no questions that are thrown at you to trip you up.

    Basically, your recruiter will ask you about your family, your social life, your interests and hobbies etc, your finances, your reasons for joining the Army and the jobs you have picked. You will get asked about your fitness and questioned on your knowledge of how long you sign up for, the various phases of training and definitely the jobs.

    After that it will probably expand to cover what your perception is of the role of the Army.

    Just be honest as i have mentioned and you will be fine, but above all else make sure you have researched and revised your job descriptions, where you go for training, how long it is, what we teach you and do some research on the history of the Regiment or Corps you are wanting to join too if you really want to impress :)
  9. brilliant answer. thank you :)
    are there 2 interviews or just one.
    and, what would be a good time on the 1.5 run for CMT
  10. Technically there are 3, but most of the time the first one is the first time you apply in the office.

    You should definitely get a recruiter interview and a confirmatory interview with the senior recruiter (these are mandatory interviews).

    In terms of a good run time for CMT, you should aim for below 10.30 regardless of what you are going for, unless you are going Para in which case you need to be under 9.18.

    You shouldnt settle for a run time that is 'acceptable' you should train for a time that will see you pass as a soldier, the fitter you are now the easier training is and that is fact ;)
  11. thank you :)
    ive been hitting 10:43
    but that was 1.6 rather than 1.5.
    id just like to be taken on without having to wait because there are better candidates than me if you get me?
  12. Has your AFCO told you about the wait times for CMT's?
  13. I was told roughly 18 months after ADSC
  14. bloody hell, good job i have another 2 options if i cant get it :D