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  1. I've got my interview on next week were they are going to ask me about my job choices, is this the formal one with shirt and tie etc?

    Ive checked seach but the only replys to the ones i found were telling them to check seach...

  2. All interviews are formal ones with shirt and tie. There is no such thing as an informal chat.

    I suspect if you go further back in history someone will have said this before.
  3. i got my first interview on 30th jan but i have a insight course next week aswell so seems as though things are hurrying up now :D
  4. this is what happened in my interview had it last week. Was very informal although im not sure if it should have been :s

    my recruiter said it should last an hour but hes "mastered the art of cutting it short" and only lasted 15 Min's if that.

    things you should get asked: why you want to join the regiment corps you have chosen?

    how long is phase 1 and phase 2 training for your trade?

    what skills you will be learning in that trade?

    also good to know basic (i mean very basic) history on the regiment corps your joining. eg what year it was formed.

    your recruiter should also ask you things like what are your hobbies, who you live with, how many brothers or sisters, what do your parents think of you joining the army, are you in a relationship and what your current fitness is at and what activities you do to keep fit, whats your 1.5mile run time etc etc and if you've ever been in the cadets.

    also asks about your criminal record and asks about the armys policy on drugs to that you answer "zero tolerance"

    that's all i can remember really, just relax be confident and you'll be moving onto selection :)

    also dress casual/smart, look tidy don't over do it for this interview.
  5. my whole formal interview was the guy telling me to do something other than what i wanted :roll:
  6. maybe it's cos your not suited for the job you want
  8. Or hes trying to fill recruitment slots.
  9. he is tryin to get you in his regiment so he gets his bounty..... basically army recruiters are just gloryfied salesman lol
  10. that was just my personal expirience lol