Interview with sacked Beefeater

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of any IT will be. Presumably if found in his favour he will press for reinstatement rather than compensation.
  2. Obviously we can only judge by what is printed in the papers, but after reading that link I'm more inclined to believe Sanders-Crook's side of the story. She sounds like a fucking loony, to be honest.
  3. Sounds like a load of trivial crap that any long serving soldier male or female should be able to get over without taking it to this level.

    Beefeaters and Pussyeaters aren't the same thing by a long chalk.
  4. Having worked and socialised with 'Sandy' in the past, something about this debarcle just doesnt ring true.

    always found him a gent with a guiding hand and good advice, someone who was absolutly blown away with the honor of being a beefeater.

    Some little girl didnt get things her way, cried about it and sullied a good mans name.
  5. Quite. As posted on the more ribald thread in the NAAFI, if she hasn't learned to take a joke in 22 years then she never will. Although the warders should have adapted to a female in their presence, then she shouldn't have steamed in and expected everyone to kiss her arrse. She just sounds like a whining split arrse. Plenty of them around.
  6. I hate to say, "I told you so", but there is no way Crooky did anything he is accused (sorry, thats for captainplume) of, he is a great bloke, and takes the pi55 something rotten, but he doesnt have a bad bone in him.

    Sadly, I dont think the people in charge would reinstate him regardless of any tribunal case, it would look too bad on them.

    Nice to see the other side of the story come out, and saying what I have for the last few days, maybe the PC lot on the other thread will get off the high horse they are all sharing now.

    Good luck Mark.
  7. They must be out riding, odd they are so quite now this has come out!
  8. I can't imagine Sandy bullying anyone. I know of several cases where he could have caused hell for people his with knowledge of their past, but he didn't. He would give people a chance, OK, if you screwed up then you could expect proper punishment; Once the bollocking was over, that was it - carry on normal soldiering.

    Sandy once gave me a chance, and now I'd like to do the same for him. I believe his version of events.
  9. I hope the ravens poke the fucking sluts eyes out.
  10. If he's such a good bloke, why didn't he change his ways after the HR meeting referred to in the article? It seems all the others were able to work together.
  11. Am I right to think the post is a civillian appointment?

    If it is, then what you are seeing demonstrated is how the civvie world differs from service life ie different worlds and different rules
  12. You lot slate the Mail, yet follow a 'story' as true when you want to? I'm waiting to see, but the employers must feel they are on solid ground to actually dismiss two people. They must have known the storm coming.

    I'll watch you lot get wound up and wait for the full story / appeal process.
  13. So you know the truth do you?