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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Hin_capie, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick question trying to settle a concern i have.

    I was recently arested for alleged ABH and released without charge, however the investigation is ongoing. When it came to my initial interview with the RMP i requested a free legal advisor to be with me. The RMP then told me if i did they would keep me there another night because thats how long it would take to get one, they told me that no one every get the lawyers in at this point. And made it clear that they were in no mood to wait for one to come out.

    The told me to say in the interview that i didnt believe i needed an advisor. Afterwards i was talking to a mate who said that i have been tricked and now my whole interview will be spinned against me.

    Does anyone know if this actually happens, have i basically sealed my fate to lose my case because i have been tricked?
  2. Speak to a solicitor. You'll need to challenge the admissibility of the interview if proceedings continue, though bear in mind that it may not be required to secure a conviction if they have enough evidence elsewhere.
  3. Hin_capie,

    Whether you are guilty of an offence or not you are entitled to represented correctly throughout the whole process.

    Start documenting everything that has happened and maintain a detailed record through to conclusion - this may prove to be invaluable.

    Legal advice during a police interview (RMP or not) is a legal entitlement and you should have been offered this regardless of how long it may take to provide it. If legal advice could not be provided within a short period (an hour or so) then the RMP should either have applied via your chain of command for you to be kept in pre-charge custody (very good grounds reqd and waiting for a solicitor is not one) or have released you pending a future interview with a solicitor present. It does not matter where you are in the world - these are your rights.

    As Legallybald has said you need to get hold of a solicitor now before this goes any further. Most solicitors will not charge you for your first consultation and the earlier you contact one in these circumstances the better the chance that the RMP will not be able to 'pull the wool' later. If you are in the UK (or even in Germany) then I cannot recommend Mr Chris Hill of Foster Wells in Aldershot ( highly enough.

    Please PM if you want some impartial advice.

  4. Yep, the monkeys have stiffed you. Innocent until proven guilty etc etc. Get a solicitor and ram it back down their throat.

    And then own up if you were a naughty boy.
  5. Maybe you shouldn't have smacked someone in the first place!
  6. In no way have i denied my involvement in the incident, it was however a two sided exchange, where both of us gave as much as we got. I however seen it as a bust up between mates and he reported it.

    I know that I will be punished and most likely deserve it, i am just trying to make sure that what happened with the RMP's does not result in me be recieving a severe unjust punishment.
  7. There, fixed that for you.

    Remember, innocent until the outrage bus is full.
  8. Ex RMP are you?
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Right Sarnt Major; March in the Guilty Bastard :twisted:
  10. Great Wah.

    Your story sounds about as convincing as one of Hugo Chavez' speeches.

    Mind you, you appear to have sucked in the barrack room lawyers, so well done.
  11. I believe him. Lets face facts the Monkeys have a well documented history of taking short cuts, not investigating impartially, not following the service police codes of practice, falsifying contemporaneous records, not ensuring continuity of evidence, cow towing to the C-O-C and dropping legitimate investigations, failing to obtain elemental issues such as appropriate witness statements - I'm bored now. :thumright:
  12. No mate, thats the Met you have just described.

    Think menendez and it ticks almost all of the above.
  13. I'm not actually aware of the RMP having ever jumped on to the back of a 4-tonner and emptied multiple mags into a REME Tiff's head ...
  14. My bold.

    I think the RMP should take a look at this documented history, and falsify that too... :roll:
  15. Piece of piss just dangle the bait and reel em in. Three words: Cooper and Schofield. :D