Interview with George Galloway

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Here's Gorgeous Georgie running up to fine form again:,,31200-galloway_060806,00.html#

    I can't say I agree with everything Galloway says, but I respect him hugely for having the cojones to stand up and be counted for his views, even if they collide with what the gobment says. He's also very well-informed on what he talks about and is a formidable debater. That's something you can't say about the interviewer. She actually lost the battle with her first (loaded) question.

    No wonder he made mincemeat of the Septics! :D :D :D

  2. A man who stands by his convictions - not somebody elses.
  3. Doesn't stop him and his convictions being wnak though...
  4. Never been a fan of Galloway, but his point is valid and true!!!!
  5. Im Bethnal Green born & bred. the only reason I voted Galloway was to get that useless Ona King (Tony Blair lap dog) out of the constituency.

    Im no fan of him and I agree with Bugsy7.
  6. For all you George Galloway fans you can listen to him on Saturdays and Sundays, 8pm until 10pm on talkSPORT, sky 0108 and Radio 1053-1089 medium wave.

    I believe he is good, very good, yes he has made some mistakes, tea and fairy cakes with Saddam was one, yet have his mistakes been as colossal as Tony Blairs ? ( You Decide ).
  7. Can’t blame him for that, Mr Rumsfield has had some cucumber sarnies with Sadam in the old days. The old dictator must have done a good spread in his time.
  8. Forget his grovelling to Saddam - the low point was reached with Rula Lenska on Big Brother.

    The bloke is impressive.
    I dont agree with him, but the interviewer was massively out of her depth, raising your voice and continuing to talk do not mean you have won the argument.
  10. Actually if 'you' are angry with someone else it means that 'you' are losing the argument.

    So stay cool and the other person will get angrier and angrier then hopefully they will realise that they are being a jackass.

    Or they might lose control and smack you in the gob? But that is another level.
  11. Dont tell me that you have never grovelled to a pussy in your time.
  12. Chr*st, if I was locked up for any time with the tw@ts on that show, I'd probably go a bit nutty as well :crazy:
  13. Iv listened to his radio show for quite a while now and I find it hard to disagree with most of his viewpoints.

    AFAIK hes not insulted any members of the Forces so why is he hated so much?
  14. Because he is (and I will happily take this up in any libel court he cares to name) a lying sod.

    He has repeatedly denied being an apologist for saddam even though there is a video of him saying that saddam hussein is a great leader of his people.

    In fact, I have seen him on tv shows where they were showing that video in the background with the volume on and he has still denied saying it.

    The guy is a muppet. When he says "hey, i was wrong, i shoulnd't have said it" then i might possibly listen to his views. But if someone is willing to outright lie in front of evidence of him lying then hwo can you take anything he says seriously?
  15. Why do people think that someone who is merely articulate must also be intelligent. Galloway can talk a good game - thats all !!