Interview with Falklands MC Winner

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by wedge35, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. If he was a sergeant at the time, surely it'd be the MM? Quite apart from the fact that the gongs shown are all Were Wore Too!

  2. 8O

    This should be interesting :wink:
  3. I bet he doesnt want to talk about his service, that is a shame :D
  4. I would love to meet him.
  5. Never mind an MC he gets my nomination for the Perrier Comedy Award. I saw it on the other thread this morning and I've just watched it again. It is the funniest thing I've seen in years especially the bit when the interviewer says "I can see your wearing the Military cross" and the camera pans down.......... :D
  6. Full of shit, never a military cross awarded in the Falklands conflict! plus the fact i was 2 para 10 plt D Coy during the conflict and have never heard of the walt twat!! Cut his nuts off with a rusty jack knife!
  7. he must be an interesting chap....served in a commonwealth airforce, then a home defence organisation, then joined the british army,vmobilised and served in europe!
  8. Here a list. Agree on the rusty blade though.
  9. 39/45 star, Defence medal, Air Crew Europe star (WTF?), War Medal in the wrong order and two of them the wrong way round (reverse rather than obverse showing). Lying cnut needs a shoeing.

    Falklands MCs:

    Maj M H Argue, 3 Para
    Capt T W Burls, Parachute Regt, D Sqn 22 SAS
    Maj D A Collett, 3 Para
    Lt C S Conner, 2 Para
    Maj J H Crosland, 2 Para
    Maj C D Farrar-Hockley, 2 Para
    Maj J P Kiszely, 2 Scots Guards
    Lt R A D Lawrence, 2 Scots Guards
    Capt W A McCracken, 29 Cdo Regt RA
    Capt A J G Wight, Welsh Guards

    Mike Argue died about 3 years ago. Johnny Crosland was my boss for a while.
  10. there's a few missing off your list
  11. Regulars also got it if they never deployed overseas. I have my grandparents medals (he a 22 year career RAF, ended up as a SWO) and she (wartime WRAF Sergeant) and both have the Defence Medal.

    The video is sheer class though.
  12. One is defo missing.
    It's a navy list so, all forgiven :wink:
    Still makes the point that other ranks received the MM as Bugsy noted and that they were (apparently) awarded.
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