Interview: "Weve Got To Bring The Hammer Down On Iran"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Aug 24, 2005.

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  1. The link leads to an interview with USA Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret'd). I seem to recall reading elsewhere that he was a big man in psychological warfare.

    It's interesting to speculate on how much influence the views he expresses hold inside the Beltway.

    He says:

    1. The US should immediately close the Straits of Hormuz to Iranian shipping.

    2. One advantage of such a blockade is that it would precipitate Iranian military retaliation against the continental USA, thereby furnishing grounds for massive US retaliation.

    3. That portion of Gaza from which the settlers were recently forcibly evacuated is about to become an Iranian-controlled armed camp.

    4. The Republican Party, except for a few visionaries such as House Speaker Dennis Hastert, is insufficiently bellicose. "So I had dinner with eight congressmen and these were all conservative (sic!) Republicans, and nobody can figure out where in the hell this Administration is going strategically...[T]here's never any action...."

    5. While the Bush administration dithers, Israel is preparing to launch airstrikes against Iranian nuclear facilities. (He doesn't say this explicitly but he seems to imply disappointment and annoyance that the Israelis will have all the fun and we'll be left out.)

    6. The Iranian nuclear facilities are not so hardened as to be invulnerable to JDAMs.

    7. Gen. Vallely, though retired, is still providing the administration with valuable middle eastern intelligence from his own network of people in key places.

    8. Iran is of absolutely pivotal importance to the attainment of (i) US hegemony and (ii) Israel's security in the middle east. If the current Iranian government can be replaced with another that Gen. Vallely would find more congenial, all the necessary pieces will snap into place. (NWD comment: I thought that's what invading Iraq was supposed to do.)

    9. We cannot hope to install a sufficiently pliable Iranian government through mere subversion; it's going to take military violence.

    10. As long as we're up anyway, Syria needs a good whacking:

    "Hey, listen, over a year and a half ago, I would have sent some strong signals into Syria. I'd have taken out ten of the (apparently Ba'ath Party) offices in Damascus plus two of the training sites where we know they are, and at 2:00 o'clock in the morning, those things disappear. And at 6:00 o'clock in the morning we have plausible deniability. [laughs]."

    11. The US government should explicitly declare that it will answer any Muslim nuclear attack by destroying Mecca and Medina.

    Find this at:

    For what reason did he give this flippantly bloodthirsty interview?
  2. Good grief :)

    Did he drive home in that state?
  3. Hmm...wonder what oilmen he's been lunching with. :roll:

    I can see why this w@nker is retired, as he is too crazy even for Dubya, Dick and Don.

    Maybe he's a big man in the psychological wing.
  4. Isn't this the chap who can frequently be seen holding forth on Fox News? I imagine that his opinions are secretly held by quite a few august personages inside the Beltway.

    Going slightly off-topic (only slightly), the rantesque nature of the General's comments remind me of General Sir Michael Rose giving his famous (infamous) interview to the BBC about Bosnia in 1994. He was much funnier though....
  5. And guys like this are allowed to get to positions of power? 8O

    The single most stupid point he made was

    11. The US government should explicitly declare that it will answer any Muslim nuclear attack by destroying Mecca and Medina.

    If that's the case, would he think it fair that the muslims nuke rome or jeruselam should the spams introduce a drop of instant sunshine on an islamic country?

    Or can we bomb washington everytime the spam airforce drop a JDAM on a warrior or shoot down a 747 everytime they shoot down a tornado?

    And i thought Dr Strangelove was a fictional character! :twisted:
  6. He's bessy mates with Dick Cheney, he's not mad just your normal American neo-con evangelical waiting for the apocalypse. :lol:
    From his Book: Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror - Foreward by that other American Hero Oliver North

  7. Care to tell W where they are then? :twisted:
  8. It's no secret that I dislike Georgei boy.
    I have commented that he was subject of jokes about his intelligence by Saudi Princes post 9/11.
    I have often questioned about Georgei Boy's advisors.
    If Ret Gen Vallely is taken seriously in Washington then now we know just why the US is in the sh1t state that it is now.
    Frightening FCUKing Frightening
  9. Cosmic! Between this choad and the founder of the Christian Coalition calling for the assassination of the democratically elected president of Venezuela because he doesn't want to sell oil to the US, American political thinking in terms of foreign policy is in fine form.

    For the God botherers and Jesus freaks out there: John 11:35.
  10. That blurb sounds like a self-help book...

    "How to Reduce Your Cholesterol And The Threat From Global Terrorism In Ten Easy Steps!"

  11. Retired General smokes crack. Who knew?
  12. Also from Texas......

    This is a spoof ain't it?

    Edit . Having been through the site, it has to be one of the most seriously, truly offensive websites I have ever seen. If this is fundamentalist right wing Christianity in the US, we are seriously in the sh*t.
  13. I like him. FcUk Iran. Let's nuke it before it nukes us.
  14. I've had a real good butcher's at the site and it appears to be genuine - apart from the fact that they're seriously deranged. It's hard to believe people can actually swallow shite like that. But stranger things have happened, I suppose.

    Apropos; anybody know offhand of any British sites from such industrial-strength nutters?