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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by johnnyVB, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Hey,

    Im new to the site, but I've already discovered loads of information and advice already, which is a great!

    Im currently a student and applying to join the TA, I have an interview at my local barracks on Wednesday. I was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on what to expect or any advice?

    Any feedback would be greately appreciated!

  2. Wear a suit and tie, polish shoes.
    Be polite, brush up on rank structure so you address people correctly.

    They will explain what the unit does, what the training consists of, what trades are open to you etc.

    Then up to the bar for beer and war stories.
  3. Thanks for the advice!

    Its been arranged for someone to pick me up from the train station and take me to the barracks for my interview at 8, which i believe is when they hit the parade square. Is it likely for me to be there for the duration of the night?
  4. I always say this to people.

    Being dressed nicely and being polite has never hurt of my mates who applied to another unit always called me an idiot for always turning up in suits for such occasions but in my opinion it is better to have it and not need it than not have it when you need it.

    I bought my QM a bitter a few days in and the stories I've got can sustain me for a life time...although don't do this just for your interview.
  5. Absolutley...potatoes to peel, toilets to clean, parade square to brush and then clear up the bar.

    Don't worry. If they are picking you up from the station then they are bound to look after you.
  6. The suit is clean and pressed, hanging on the back of the door and the shoes already buffed up! Looking forward to it but kinda nervous, but i guess thats expected! Any Ideas on the sort of questions which might pop up?
  7. Family history - Irish etc. can still have an effect on security clearances.


    Ability to attend the required training.

    Checks that you understand that you are likely to experience deployed service within a few years.


    However, a first interview is as likely to be concentrating on a "sales" job to get you fully interested in the unit as it is to be in checking you out.

    The point is, they are willing to collect you. This shows interest from them and a good attitude that will, hopefully, be born out long term.

  8. Why do you want to join the TA? Are you actively seeking a tour? etc...
  9. My concern here kinda falls into commitment. I going for a unit near my university since its offers the job im after, but i live 100 miles away when its not term time. I meant to be working over the summer at so traveling down on a weekly basis could be extremely difficult =/. How long is the process from the interview to passing and attending training sessions? sorry for all the questions
  10. Students in the TA isnt a new thing, You can often organise short term attachment to a unit local to your home. You may find that there is work for you to do through the TA in the summer break especially if your in training.
  11. Ah thats cleared up a lot! I was kinda concerned that as soon as i mentioned i was leaving in a month, not to come back till about September they wouldn't bother considering me!
  12. I wandered off to another country for a year and my lot don't seem too bothered by it. Make a bit of an effort (if you can) to go to the unit in the summer as well.) After all, 100 miles isn't that much once in a while, and they'll probably pay you..
  13. Thanks for clearing this up guys, and your right prior, 100 miles isnt a big ask once in a while! Im surprisingly more nervous than i thought though ha, guess its the new entering the unexpected! Is there a broad age range on average?
  14. My lot are very widely spread age-wise, although most come from within 5 miles of the TAC (less officers.) If you're committed, especially as a student, they'll react well. Don't be too nervous, it's normal but you'll soon relax if you fit in!
  15. Much of the early training is done on a regional basis. My unit is in Wiltshire but we send our recruits to Exeter ! Such arrangements will, no doubt, apply in your area too.

    I was a student when I joined the TA, having been a reg for 8 years +. They understood that I was not always available. However, I did travel up regularly. Remember that there should be a certain amount of payment towards transport costs.

    How long does the process take from application to attending training ? There are several points to consider.

    1. How efficient are the unit seniors who need to process your application ?
    2. Does your proposed unit have a higher than normal security clearance requirement ?
    3. Does your proposed unit have any problem with you attending mid week drill nights and any weekends that are not spent at the regional training centre ? They are highly unlikely to refuse you permission to attend unless they are undertaking training for which you need to have received some prior training on safety grounds or similar.

    Questions are good. Silly questions do not, normally exist. Crack on.