Interview to become an Officer in the Army

Hiya, I haven recently found myself in the careers office a couple of times and they have suggest i try and join as an Officer as I have been to uni etc. I was wondering if anyone could help me out a little?! I have my interview with The colonel, will this be an informal getting to know each other, and find out more about the role of an Officer as opposed to drilling current affairs and military questions at me?! I have looked on the net for info and within the careers office, but they mainly tell you infor on soldiers, not Officers! I'm a little more nervous as i'd be a lady officer!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


firstly, don't panic.

I went for mine at the start of the year and although the prospect is daunting you won't get drilled for information. Its best practise to keep abridged of current affairs anyway before AOSB but in my interview the hardest question to answer was exactly why i wanted to join and what i thought i'd be most suitable for. If you have clear aims in mind then its an opportunity to discuss them, and to an extent be probed about your family/circumstances. i suppose at the end of the day its on opportunity to speak more at length about the timescale you want to try and achieve things in. e.g I want to ride my bike the length of the country for charity before entering sandhurst.

biggest hint is don't say what you think they want to hear. be honest. just relax and be yourself. oh and remember they are normally dealing with a load of toffy public school boys whose fathers served so you'll be a refreshing change ;)
absolutely nowt wrong with woman officers!

Don't let your gender jade you, if they reckon you'd be a good officer or not, they'll let you know.