Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by mad1, Jun 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi All

    With regards to interviews, all I would say to individuals is that regardless of the job you are going for you should be smart ie suited an booted, clean shaven,for women hair up and same as suited booted. o and it goes without saying polished shoes an guys (no white socks). Don't go in there smelling like a perfum factory either,you would be surprised how this can put an interviewer off. Have your CV to had and redbook if required and all your quals(just in case). Research the company you are going for interview with and what I mean by that is have a broad idea of what they do ie when they were founded,what they do,how many people they employ and where ie any locations abroad etc etc . Have questions,however if they've covered everything stipulate that,don't just say no ok. Remember a little knowledge can go along way. And to all who are preparing for interviews. Good Luck.

  2. Thank you for that, however


    You're Fired!
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    You've posted some crap so far haven't you...
  4. poke it shit lips. This site is full of knobs.

    Thank Fook Im now ex mil

    Do 1
  5. another happy customer, sorry I meant throbber.
  6. roger the kat
  7. mad1: may I suggest that you quietly bin your account and register a new one? Only next time don't post quite so much drivel and don't admit to your current incarnation.

    If you are going to post advice to job seekers, then qualify the foundations on which your advice is grounded. Are you a recruitment consultant? Have you worked for several years in a blue-chip company's HR department? How many interviews (successful or otherwise) have you attended (either as candidate or interviewer)? What level is your current job? Advice from a burger flipper in Croydon doesn't carry quite the same rate as a European Director at GE. What aspects of your military service did you find interested your future employer? What turned them off in the interview? These are useful things for people to know.

    Also try and post something new, not something that could be gleaned by even the most computer illiterate mong on MSN or Monster. Interview tips such as: "Remember you have left the Army, and that the interviewer is unlikely to be looking for combat skills in his new employees. State the strong points of the Army lifestyle (such points as integrity, loyalty, work ethic, assumption of responsibility, etc ad nauseum), but do not come across as institutionalised. Leave the interviewer with the impression that while the Army was an important part of your life and laid down a strong foundation, you have moved on and are looking forward to new challenges and developing your potential (etc, etc).

    So bugger off. Twát.


    (former Director and resource manager at KPMG (17Billion GBP turnover in case you don't know the world's largest business services provider) who has interviewed several hundred people for various jobs around the world at Partner level and below).
  8. Or, he could just read this...

    worked for me and half the lads in our Regt
  9. Hahahahahahahahah..............BREATH! BREATH!

    Talking about stating the bloody obvious!

    No wonder I can never get a job....always shuffling in my best cut jeans, and fake armani T shirt on, after a good lunchtime session.
  10. I often find that if the conversation in the interview turns to Eugenics, head measurements or anything to do with the rise of a dominant race in Europe, you probably haven't got the job.
  11. You sound just like the man I need for a client I have in Bratislava! :)

    I ran an interview board for a client in Vienna about 7 weeks ago. Nearly all the candidates turn up immaculately dressed apart from one mong: turns up in red and black sweater (no shirt underneath, no jacket), badly creased (naff) trousers and shoes that would embarass a tramp. Funnily enough he performed extremely badly when asked questions and just repeated the mantra that he was very good at working with people. Best bit was when he couldn't express himself in English and stated that he was much better in French. So we switched immediately to French (I speak about 50 words, but my assistant was French). Turns out the little twát spoke less French than I did! :)

    Mediumwhiteamericano: Now there is a good tip! I think I read this book when I was last visited Col Mike Nicolson at 'theList' (some time ago). Full of good advice and also some honest commentary from people who had made mistakes and learned from them.