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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by wheelchairwarrier, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. I have an interview next Monday, its an office based job, what does one take along these days and what about attire, suit , slacks and blazer of carefully folded rug over the bits (missing ) not for the use of…. ?

    Thanks for any suggestions,
    The jockular version is in the NAFFI bar

  2. Always wear a suit at an interview, even if their usual dress code is casual. (No novelty ties or naf brightly coloured shirts)

    It's also a good idea to take a copy of your CV with you, and have a look at their company website before your interview so you know as much about them as possible.

    Additionally, make sure you have questions to ask them, don't look bored and don't lick the receptionists tits.

    Edited to remove references to holding stuff, as I forgot you dont have any arms :D
  3. best of luck, hope it goes well
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I will make the assumption that you are fully qualified and experienced to do the job (whatever it may be).
    The other things I look for (and this will depend on the particular working environment of course):

    Presentation, especially if customer (or management/other department) facing in any way.
    Dress, written and verbal communication - and in your case the possible relevance of your undercarriage. Does it matter? Could score them a point by having staff with registered disabilities - or it could be a health and safety problem due to the fire exit being a staircase.....find out if you can beforehand.

    Team fit.
    Attitude, open approach, humour(?), interests, cheerfullness - basically will this guy fit into my team - or will he introduce a dynamic that is going to cause problems. Age is an issue here, but I have seen it work sometimes. Also your senority may come across as a potential threat to those interviewing you - try and gauge the level of leadership/ambition/management capability they are looking for.

    I could go on for hours but I dont have time, if something is particularly bothering you PM me, otherwise good luck!
  5. From a CV thread on page 5, have found this very useful, covers most points

    Clicky click
  6. Take any relevent qualification certificates and good luck! Post and let us know how its goes
  7. ( Sigh ! ) firstly thank’ to those of you who wished me luck for my interview , and to those of you who thought bl00dy fool , yep I think you were right. :jocolor:

    I turned up a little early for my 10:00hr appointment, to find that there are 3 steps off the street in to the lobby, I did enquire when I rang to confirm if wheelchair access is possible, assured yes. Negotiated steps anyway and up to the plate glass door, this took quite some pushing with the chair ,wheel spin at one time , and all this whilst the reception person watched from the comfort of chair on the other side of the glass. Having gained entry I introduced myself, it is 09:59hr.

    10:36hr the “manager” arrives, cheerfully I offer him salutations, no mention of tardiness and no apology ,then he says the most amazing thing “ this way my office is on the first floor” indicating the stairway. I point out that the stairs are a bit of a challenge is there a lift? The interview is then conducted in the reception with many interruptions from passing folk. He spends about 5 mins reading my CV and examines my certification etc etc, it is obvious he has no idea about me until we met. A brief discussion about the work I asked where I would be based ,and I do realize this was intended as a joke but “ Oh I suppose we could find you a cupboard somewhere” I didn’t laugh. There is more , I lost interest when we turned to his fave TV programs, his car his plasma tv his holiday and after 40 wasted minuets , he got up and went, just that up and away , I did hang about for a while in case he came back , I asked the receptionist , she just shrugged her shoulders I wont hold my breath on this one.
    Sorry to waffle on , it has taken a long time to get home , I wanted to post sooner but it has taken a while to compose myself.
    Tell me that this is not the norm. I have been reliving the interview in my head all afternoon, I am not looking forward to the rest of the night,I hope my skin is thick enough.
    If there had been a recruiting office in our town………………………………
    comments and pointers please.
  8. OMG!

    WW, who got you the interview?
  9. You should write to the firm and offer a debrief on the nature of this interview, ie preparation, location, innappropriate questions, etc. It may not get you the job you initially applied for but at least you may have the pleasure of sitting beside this arrse as you both arrive at some future job interview.
  10. WW That was absolutely outrageous, is there anywhere you can put a complaint in about this company? I wouldn't let this rest if I was you! How condescending!! :pissedoff:
  11. Not only condesending, is it not illegal to not have suitable access for disabled people?

  12. PMSL! I am so sorry, mate but I am having a fucking laughing fit at the moment... that sounds like an episode out of Little Britain!!! Who conducted the interview? David Brent?!?!

    I truely fucking hope that is not a typical interview - I left last year, but have been at uni since. I have had one interview for registering with an Agency, but I am probably not going to have my first real job interview for a few years yet. and although the interview was ok, the rest of the firm is a joke... although I had my laugh by reporting them to the Agency Standards Department.

    However, personally, if I was in your shoes, I would report this firm for discrimination, purely out of spite for the unprofessional way they conducted the whole shambles of an interview. Other than that, as much as I would like to, I cannot offer you any other advice, due to my own lack of experience. Although I wonder if a company with an Investers in People Award would have been more professional?

    Chin up , mate, and I do hope things get better... although I would be very surprised if you encounter anything less professional than what you just described.

  13. NAME AND SHAME THIS FKIN COMPANY!!!!!!!!! :shakefist: :threaten: :pissedoff:
  14. Bet it was Aspire Defence......bunch of cocks......
  15. Wheelchair Warrior,

    This isn't the norm. Whilst I cannot condone the interviewer's reaction to to you, as you pointed out, he obviously did not know that you were in a wheelchair, which does say something about your CV, you are obviously very employable. So that is a positive thing to have come out of this sorry mess.

    You need to speak to the agency that put you up for the job and have strong words with them. They are actually the ones at fault here for not getting a correct report about the workplace or informing the "manager" that you are in a chair. :threaten:

    As I said above, there is something positive about this and you need to take his keenness to interview you as a plus. Don't let this get you down, get angry and even more determined. :rage: