Interview this morning

Naturally a suit & tie etc with shiney shoes is expected, try to find out as much about the company/job as possible so if the interviewer asks you about the company you can tell them about it. Try to come up with a brief pre-prepared speech in your mind for obvious questions the interviewer may ask. Why do you want the job? -Because you’re interested in the industry/have experience, think it’s a great company to work for (where the aforesaid research comes into play). Also, what can you bring to the company? etc.

Try to build up a rapport with the interviewer before going into the actual interview process, don’t make it last too long though, only 30sec or so. Look around the office for something of interest to comment on, maybe there’s a picture on the wall? Talk about football if he’s a guy or something else relevant if it’s a girl. Remember to smile! A happy & enthusiastic person is always charming & if the interviewer is on your side & likes you then there’s more chance of you getting the job.

When it comes to the actual interview itself try to find out what the interviewer wants from you & what he's looking for in the job role. Ask directly, what does the job role involve? Then come up with some experience you have that proves you can do it, when the interview is drawing to a conclusion consider asking whether the interviewer has any doubts about your ability to do the job or if there is anything that they think you could do better. It is a bold measure, but if they say yes then ask them to be more specific. Then you can reply with effect to make them re-consider, you have to sell yourself.

Best of luck & all that!


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