Interview Techniques

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OSACIN, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Im sure that there are many people in the Arrse rorum who, during the course of their illustrious careers, attended a course of some description which entailed being taught interview techniques - the following is, im assured true, i wont reveal who the snco in question was or where the training took place - I know who he is and i can fully believe it to be true.

    the scenario was that trainee snco was put in an office, there would be a knock on the door and another course member would enter and ask for a word, normal procedure, turn the sign round to say interview in progress, take the phone of the hook etc etc.

    This particular snco was mr macho man personified and im sure the course staff set this up.

    knock knock

    come in

    can i have a word

    certainly, turn the sign round etc - please take a seat (so far everything is going text book smoothly)

    now - whats the problem and how can i help

    I dont know how to say this but im gay (this is where it went severley wrong)

    GAY- fUKCING GAY - well soon sort that out - get your bergenm cefo etc - get out on the fukcing square and well still see if youre fukcing gay after youve had a good beasting - now fukc off out of my site and be there in five.

    allegedly this is on video and is shown as a how not to do it
  2. Why?
  3. And the problem with that technique is??????????????
  4. Well , to be honest, and i think the instructors were being a bit picky myself but they considered his approach lacked a certain degree of sensitvity and he didnt really consider his response fully and the gay person may have been scarred by his violent outburst - which he probably would have been if there was no video
  5. "All those with two living grandmothers; two paces forwards... MARCH!

  6. Please tell me this isnt a serious thread????
  7. seriously - the interview - albeit a training one, has strong supporting evidence to support it did take place would have been some time around 1997.
  8. Thats 8 years ago things have changed trust me
  9. They most certainly have but i doubt that the guy doing the interviews view on homosexuals have. thats why they used to use it as a how not to do it video - apaprently with his consent
  10. Is this a thread on interview techniques or about homosexuality in the Army then????
    If its about Interviews then as I said things have changed.
    If its about Homosexuality then I dont feel my views are wanted right now.
  11. MSI64 - I couldnt agree more in every way with both your comments