Interview Questions

Hey All,
My fiancee and I are due to have an interview in August to hopefully transfer over to the Australian Army after being in the UK for far to long.
I have been asked to attend and was wondering if anyone can offer any advice / info about the day and prep work that I can do etc?
Thanks in advance for your help.

(p.s Im not actually in the forces but am a qualified professional)

Hi ,

the main thing i would "advise" is to do plenty of research/homework: their history, their role, what operations their currently on, what speciality of job your going for?, what qualifications can you bring to this job etc what their training consists of? and remember to be ready to answer the usual dreaded

Q: what are your weak points & what can you offer us??

if possible try & get a (confident & qualified) member of the forces OR ex-forces to be the person interviewing you as they'll have at least some form of military knowledge & have an idea of the type of questions to be expected

and lastly good luck to you both

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