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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mason1987, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Hi, before i start i don't care my english is bad or my typing. i want real answers not flaming please. I'm tryin to keep as Enlgish and puncation as possible for flamers.

    I have my first interview next week.
    Job choices 1st Rifles infantry , 2nd Mercians inantry.

    Talking about myself and my life is easy enough but my job choice i've got the following so far to talk about.

    These are notes obviously.

    ethos - Respect Independance Freinds for life Learning Excitement Success.
    Founding farther of Rifles - Do everything which is necessary and nuthin which is not.

    Which Regiment and why - got I'd like 1 Rifles based in Chepstow border lin of whales, Not to far from east midlands were i live. Work with 3 commando, still have tours in afghanistan to do.

    Why the Rifles and not another Regiment - Largest Regiment in the army , fastest marching , diferent uniforms seem to be slighly diferent and more appealing.

    Job description - Infantry do protection , peace keeping, humanitary aid , deterant and seeze and hold ground , close combat. disaster relief.

    Basic training - 26 week course at ITC Catterik , you will learn first aid, map reading , how to handle fire and mainatance of a weapon. look after yourself and kit in the field, how to tackle a assault course. foot drill, tactics.

    Why i want to join the army -

    Why i would be a good candiate -

    I wont add much more but any one enlighten more on this please comment below and add to it please.
  2. Are you on some sort of mission?
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  3. Are you some sort of idiot ? Whats with this post below

    Originally Posted by mason1987
    i was in the navy for 2years as a ETWE ( eletronic technican weapon engineer). an trust mei waited 18months to get in and my application was don so fast and i got a canceation at that, you should reall think what is it in the navy job wise you want to do and if u can do the same or similar job in the army or raf.
    i loved training in the navy was god fun phase 2 was a shable and pathetic, and chancesof getting a ship are so slim its crazy if you waa spend most of you career on land join up.
    you really should way u the pro's and con's
    from some 1 who serverd il giv you mine if they help
    spend alot of time on land so going out on piss is easy

    ships are cramped smely horrible thingsand god damn there cold air con on always
    long wait times to geta ship
    long wait tims to get in.
    uniforms make you look gay your shorts for on ship gay, your summer uniforms gay
    only bases are all down south so long windy cold boring days on base.
    pt is minimal

    from 2 years exerience alot of reasons i left an desided army is for me i love the out doors give me a whole to sleep in any day.

    Foxtrot oscar.
  4. Just gen up on the Regiments of your choice, don't worry about being a thicko, the army's full of them, they'll make room for you mate.
  5. I have tried to fix your post a bit but recommend that you try the Pioneer Corps.
  6. Bloody hell, if that's the standard of Technicians in the 'Golden Rivets' it's about time
    we got rid of ALL the 'Senior Service'

    I wouldn't let this numpty loose on a Sparkler.

    Fcuking Pavement Admiral.
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