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Hi everyone,
I've got my briefing in a month or so and I'm pretty much prepared for everything apart from the interviews. I was just really wondering what are the questions like? I've brushed up on general knowledge and military knowledge but I know there's a lot more to the interviews so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
And could anyone pm me some planning exercises if they've any as well please?

Thank you very much
They are mainly questions about you, why you want to join the army etc. you can't revise or prepare for them. Just be yourself and be sincere.
Just make sure you know the details of everything you placed on your CV as that is what they will be looking at. Other than that, be yourself and don't try sucking up and giving the 'right' answers - They've heard it all before and would rather see you for who you are.
Your answers will determin which regiment you will be assigned to.
If you cannot give the best vintage years for the right champagne you can kiss the guards goodbye.
If you are an expert on mens hair products then the aircorps becons.
Three separate interviews about your interests, ambitions, education/work and background.
Why Army?
Why Officer?
Most important role of an Officer?
What qualities do you have that would make you a good Officer?
What will you do if you fail?

Sort of questions they'll ask.

Got mine on the 31st. :)
What did you like about Public School?

Do I know your Father?
As for PlanEx's, gumnut adventures have loads. Just google it. One on the AOSB site, but it's piss easy. However, it's a good place to start. Just chill, be yourself and absolutely beast yourself in the phys and obs course.


"If your life depended on it, and you really had to, who would you choose? Beatrice or Eugenie?"


"If your life depended on it, and you really had to, who would you choose? Beatrice or Eugenie?"
Beatrice, if boning a disney character may as well shag a chipmunk rather than the ugly stepsister off cinderella.
Plus, you'll not lose her in the dark with those teeth

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