Interview on saturday

Hey, first post and all that.

I'm off to the local army office on saturday for an 'informal interview' about joining the TA. I'm 20 years old and at uni at the moment, I run every day to keep fit but I'm still not sure about a few things...

Like whats expected of me in training,
What time commitments I'll be making (a weeknight and weekends, but what sort of hours is that?)
What sort of unit to join,
Fitness levels...

As you can see I'm a little in the dark about it all, any help would be good :)

By and large, the purpose of this interview is to answer these questions for you, as well as for the army to have a look at you!

If you think you might want to go officer, wear a suit, failing that, shirt and trousers makes a good impression whatever you're going for. It must be said however, that most of our recruits seem to appear at the TAC gate of an evening looking a little lost; rather than coming through the recruiting offices!

As to units, officers etc, I suggest you do just that, get the details of all the TA units in sensible commuting distance of you and go and visit them on a drill night and see what they're about.
Relax, write down any questions you have in case you forget them as said shirt, tie, shiny shoes!
Cheers guys, that wiki-page was great for the training details

Think I've got the 45-50 pressups sorted. Although there seem to be so many ways to do a pressup, I now have no idea...

Running is fine and I think the walk with kit should be ok.

Sit ups I can do about 60 before my abs counterattack, but I've been blasting out so many that the skin on my coccyx is cut and now they hurt something rotten.

Oh the joys!

Look forward to hearing from you Stayce - good luck.
well it was more like a chat than an interview, i got to ask questions and got given booklets and i have to go for a more formal sounding interview with an important sounding guy at a local unit on saturday :D
I went to my local AFCO for an interview about the TA, the guy giving the interview knew less than I did, the AFCO's are geared up for regular applicants. He advised me to contact the unit i'm interested in directly, which I did.
Hope mine is more like yours Stayce than Liney's.

My knee has also decided to start to play up. I guess a run a day on the Sheffield concrete for the past 2 weeks isn't to its liking...
Stu, get that knee checked now. Find a decent physio in your area and get it looked at.
Interview went well, after the intimidating mandatory soldier with no hair, aside from a big black tash. Spoke to a fella about it all, then a TA recruitment officer happened to overhear us and I spoke to him for a good 20 minutes afterwards.

So I'm off to a drill night at the Royal Engineers unit near me. All good, and the knee feels better :)
ive been given a mountain of forms to get filled out medical, optition etc then i can go for my medical and BARB and selection weekend :)

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