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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soldiertobe, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Hello people.

    I am 27 and fed up with jobs here and there on civvy street, I'm looking to provide my family with some security in life and have opted for the Army. (Something I should have done ages ago) I have 2 kids and we're all prepared for the imminent absence, as it's a better life for all of us in the long run.

    Got my interview on Monday at Peterborough. Hopefully selection will follow soon after? I am joining the Infantry and was hoping to answer a few things on this forum.

    How often is there an intake date for the Infantryman's course at Catterick?

    I am running 3 miles with 30lb rucksack in 34 mins and then running the odd 6 miler. I am running 1.5 miles in 10.34 but that was a few weeks ago. I'll be a shade quicker now. How will my fitness compare with most other recruits?

    Anyone else from my area in the recruiting stage?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have my interview on the same day, In Norwich though. Also going infantry, 1 R Anglian reg. I believe that the intake for selection is roughly every 2 weeks. Or if there is a space. Same goes for ITC catterick, Not 100% but thats what I heard. Basically not long ;)
  3. Nice one.....I'll be 1 Royal Anglian too.

    Is the selection over a weekend or during the week? My careers officer mentioned the 10th May, that being a Saturday I wasn't sure he might just have used the date as an example or if there was something happening that w/e?
  4. hey mate...well i had my interview 2weeks ago, and i go to glencourse for my selection on monday! pretty nervous but confident lol.

    the interview is soo easy, they make you feel like its this big formal thing, and you need to do alot of research about it. but the truth is its just a chat about you. the only questions you need to know are where you will be doing selection, how long it will take, where you do basic training (catterik) and how long it will take...

    the reast is all about you and your family life etc.....

    i believe the catterik intake is about 2weeks. good luck and keep us posted mate...hopefully see you in catterick soon lol
  5. I did read somewhere Catterick were capable of an intake every 2 weeks?

    I'm looking forward to the interview or informal chat on Monday as it'll help settle all my questions not to mention the birds questions.

    I just want to get started and I hope I can start ITC at the end of June, beginning of July?
  6. I went up to a suit shop and looking there they are about 100 for some shi* or 150-200 for something nice.
    Then I went to Tesco's and picked up an entire suit with shoes for £50!! And it looks the same as the the expensive stuff.

    Will it pointless saying that the Royal Anglians were formed in 1964 through an amalgamation of 4 other regiments from the East Anglian Regiment,
    Then in 1995 after some reductions in 1975, the battalions renamed their companies to :
    A- Norfolk
    B- Suffolk

    Then about where they can be deployed to. Is that all too much or should I sitck with they shoot people?
  7. You could say the Regiment was formed in 1964 from the three Regiments of the East Anglian Brigade and The Royal Leicestershire Regiment. These four Regular Battalions were later joined by three TA Battalions; the 5th (V) Battalion in 1967 and the 6th and 7th in 1971. Much has changed since then and the Regiment now comprises two regular battalions (1st and 2nd) and one Territorial battalion (3rd).

    However, that is far too much just for selection really, the whole history. If you just touch on it, then they might ask more and you can expand, and impress.