Interview on Drill Night

Ive been asked to attend an interview with the unit I want to join in two weeks and I was wondering what should I take? Should I do any research beforehand and if so what? And lastly what should I expect?

Turn up and look interested.

Ask questions that you need to get to confirm that you want to be part of that unit.

If you want to proceed tell them.

You should expect to find out all about the unit what they have done and what they do and what the commitment is.

If you want to confirm your interest take; ID (driving licence (paper and plastic card) passport, birth certificate, proof of address,

And know what your height and weight is although they should be able to assist you in this area.
Dress smart, shave, highly polished shoes - This is a job interview.
Research a bit of research about the Unit and Regiment and what they are doing now. They should have a web site with this one.
Ask loads and loads of questions, look keen.
Be polite.

Good Luck, you'll love it!!!
They should give you a 'brown envelope' with all the paper work in i.e application form, criminal record, form medical form, security clearance (if the type of unit needs one) ect.

You will get through selection etc quicker if you complete the forms ASAP and get them in as soon as you can.

If you are an ex cadet, dont give it the big I am!!

Enjoy it, the recruit process can take a while but bare with it.

I'm not an ex cadet so no problem there. Dont need to shave either. The site doesnt say anything on the unit just what the criteria is.
Thanks for all your help.
haha shave what? your a girl, that made me laugh

im getting nowhere fast with my application! heard nothing off the online application, phoned up my local only to find out they cant accept me, got told to call another regiment, got no answer there
Nay bother, As for the interweb application, I wouldnt expect to get anything remotely helpful out of that. In a month or so time a DVD and a few booklets will arrive at your address, thats about it.
Can you travel or would you like to keep local.
Have you looked here?
Hey Stayce sorry to hear its not going so well for you. I heared that applying through the net doesnt go very fast. What were they on about no woman spaces? Surely they dont have a certain amount of spaces for women? Although i know the army isnt it claims to be an equal sex employer so i would question this.
Lol i know im a girl but lordvonharley doesnt:
'Dress smart, shave, highly polished shoes - This is a job interview'

I didnt get DVDs or anything like that. I had booklets but only because i went to a TAC and they gave them to me.
Not my fault I did not know you are a girl. You might be a bloke from Lesbeth who is light in the loafers.
Though I have worked with some very hairy women over the years so the advice is not all wasted.
apparently because its a royal armoured corps and they do tanks theyre only allowed 8 women per place, no women are allowed n the regular version at all
I know it wasnt your fault LordVonHarley it just made me laugh. True, you never know i could be a gay man from or called Lesbeth. Lesbeth is actually my middle name mixed. Anyone guess what it is?

That sounds strange Stayce as if you cant to RAC in Regs then why would they do it in the TAs? Its probably a male decision or something :D


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stayce88 said:
elizabeth? yeh it does seem a bit odd, we wont let women in the regs, but we will let 8 per squadron in the TA....
I don't know about the RAC, but in the infantry there is no actual regulation preventing female recruits joining a TA infantry unit. In theory there is nothing to prevent infantry cap badged female TA soldiers and there was a time in the 1990's when there were a fair few.

Since the Strategic Defence Review shake-up in the later 1990's, any female in the TA infantry was rebadged as an support arms (clerk/cook/medic etc). I wonder if the Armoured Corps has the same policy? I don't see how they can place a quota on females if they accepted the principle that a female can be badged and serve in the regiment.

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