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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by STTOMO, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon

    Not sure if theres a 'sticky' for this, as its more of a random question to be fair.

    I got my letter through today for the date of my first formal interview at the careers office (u know the shirt and tie jobby, know all about your regiment etc ....) Which is next wednesday. I was just curious as to wether ill be sent to glencorse ADSC after this if all goes well or do I have another interview before that?

    And also is anyone going upto Glencorse next month?

  2. If Glencourse is nearest for you to travel, then more than likely yes. After this interview, you will then be given your date for selection. Then you will have a confirmatory interview. (not sure when) Where you will get your travel warrant, instructions, confirming you can make it etc. You'll have one more final interview at end of your physical tests at ADSC, which they will then confirm if you've been successful or not. Then it's just a waiting game until you get the date for starting Basic training at chosen regiment.

    NB: I can't swear to all of the above, but is the jist of what will happen. Hope it helps some.
  3. Cheers matey, all seems prity straight forward process from now on then (hopefully!) .... just itching to get my interview under way and then go upto ADSC now. Ive been told there would be an intake for the Light Dragoons before this april to start basic. So Im hoping thats true and things wont be too far off happening.
  4. 5th of April mate , I'm on it , just waiting on the paperwork :thumright:
  5. No problem mate, I'm still waiting on my med forms to be cleared so I can get to where you're at now, the shirt and tie interview. Nice to see that things are going smoothly for you, let's hope it stays that way.

    All the best in what you decided and give it 110%(preferably 140%) at ADSC ;)
  6. Please to god I get everything sorted and am on the list to start then! ... Think theres anychance? lol
  7. Cheers mate, hopefully your medical forms come back soon and everythings cool with them. Its frustrating waiting for something you want so bad aint it lol ... then again it will all be worth it in the end!

    Just gotta keep fitness levels up now and things
  8. Aye, that's the one mate. I had asthma 15 year ago for 2 years, but that's long gone, I'll breeze medical. I can't wait to cough and drop to show how well endowed I am..

    haha just messing.
    That's all you can do, train your arrse off. The better shape you're in before basic, the least likely you'll be hanging at the back of the pack.
  9. Mattchew - Be careful with that "I'll breeze the medical" attitude. I thought that four years ago and got deferred for a year. It's a sickener, especially when you think it's all a done deal. Anything can go wrong.

    Just a word of warning mate. You never know what they might find.
  10. I'm fully aware mate, I have to convince myself though, otherwise I'll just keep beating myself up, non-stop thinking about what could go wrong etc

    It's not me being cocky, just trying to be positive mate lol. What did you get deferred for? Sorry If I'm being nosy, just say ;)
  11. That is confidential information between me and my doctor...but...It was for eczema. Due to the fact it was neither chronic nor regular (and the fact I probably looked like I was going to cry at the mention of a 5 year deferral), I was deferred for one year. I have been free of it now for nearly five years.

    I put my foot in it though by offering a suggestion that I thought I might have had it. (It was not clear)

    I guess it's just your own psychology really. I will be going into it with the attitude that it's very possible I could be deferred again. That way it will soften the blow - somewhat, if I am deferred.
    The one thing I will be doing though is making sure I am more than capable of completing every test with ease.

    Good luck anyway mate.
  12. Must of been tough having a 1 year deferral. The fact that you have still stuck at it proves your resilience. I'm sure you'll be an asset to the army pal.

    although deferring is there for a good reason, doesn't make it any easier
    Fingers crossed for you mate.
  13. Just a quick question regarding my interview Wednesday. Probably been asked in various posts but, Do they expect you to know your regiment inside out (from what information you can find out obviously). Or do they just skim over the major points about it?

  14. I'm sure they don't expect you to know everything. Just show that you are keen enough to look into where you'll be training at. Probably a little late but, just go in there and be yourself. Let us know how you get on.
  15. Got a phone call yesterday morning from the recruitment officer, my interviews being re-arranged now for next week as he was on his own in the carears office yesterday and couldnt do it.

    Frustrating like but guess its not to bad if its only afew more days wait!