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Evenin all

Havent posted for awhile as my application got deferred due to an operation on my foot I had this time last year. Anyhow, ive been declared medically fit now and was given a date for my first interview at the recruitment office.

I was just wondering how long it takes from this stage (obviously its not the same for everyone) till your at the ADSC?

Ive been reading the various posts on what to expect at the interview and been told from the recruitment guy, so hopefully ill be well prepared and ready. Just curious from any of your experiences how long it takes from the 1st interview to the ADSC?

Cheers in advance
I dunno myself as iv only just handed in my med docs. But i know for some its been a matter of a few weeks, while others have waited a month or two. Check the ADSC and fitness thread. there might be stuff there
1st interview to ADSC went pretty quickly or seemed to, the whole process speeds up from then onwards, think it took me a month?
Cheers guys .... I guess ill just have to wait till my interview and then find out whats happening from there, monday cant come quick enough!
Hey mate,

They will do their best to get you into ADSC as soon as possible, after all the quicker they get recruits through the gates at phase 1, the quicker they get their commission paid :D

The thing that usually slows people down to getting to selection is the medical forms that your recruiter forwarded to Glasgow, once they get the thumbs up at HQ, then the recruiter will put you straight on the next available intake, so hang in there mate, anyway you will find you need alot of patience for the army, they always have you waiting around for something haha so time to get some practice in :twisted:

Edit: and it took a month from passing my BARB to going to the selection centre.
After my 1st Interview it was two weeks before my 2nd (It was made on the day of my 1st) and after my second it was about 2 weeks again until I went off to ADSC.
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