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Discussion in 'REME' started by mattsmini, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I've got my ACO interview on wednesday. Can anyone give me any more description of a VM? Also my second choice is recovery mechanic and then metalsmith. Also is phase 1 at Pirbright, and phase 2 at Bordon?
  2. Is that VM A or B?

    Yes phase 1 is Pirbright although you could technically be trained at any of the ATR's.

    And yes phase 2 is still bordon, as long as you pass phase 1 in the next 5 years!

    Good luck with which ever trade you choose!
  3. Be yourself, turn up 5 mins early and dress smart, have a shave, take a note book and pencil, don't let them push you into a job you don't want to do and note down some questions before you go.

    As for the choice of job; (From Army site)

    VM -

    Recce Mech -

    Metalsmith -

    Questions you might want to ask;

    How long will it take to get in to training?
    How long after completing basic training will I have to wait to get on a trade course?


    Feel free to pm me if you need any more info - good luck!
  4. As CC_TA says prep before the interview, smarty turned out, i posted this to your question on training wing but will add here aswell for info from when i was the intervewer.

    Just turn up early, be smart and confident, dont fidget and do most of the talking instead of answering just yes and no. Good luck

    edited to say your quick brief of phase 1 would be.

    Ill be doing 14 weeks of basic training at Pirbright (if still correct) doing footdrill, weapon drill, first aid, map reading, NBC, assault courses and physical fitness, how to handle and fire a rifle. Once completed ill attend SEME Bordon for my trade course........ as job briefs.

    As said the more you talk the less you are asked.
  5. Even though it is true!

    Awaiting Incoming!
  6. That should get you a B Mech post like the Ferrous type chap!! 8)
  7. Check pm's gramps :D
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