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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by tom, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. tom


    Hi, I've applied for the Sixth Form Scholarship and have an interview with my ACA at my local AFCO in a couple of weeks. This will be used for him to write a report, to be sent to the scrutiny board to decide whether I should attend AOSB.
    I've met with him a couple of times before when he's visited my school.

    Has anyone got any tips? What sort of questions might he ask? And what should I wear?!


  2. On the topic of what you should wear, it is an interview like any other, so something smart.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It will be a general conversation about you, what sort of things you like doing, your educational prospects and so forth. In addition, you may or may not be asked for your opinions on some news topics of the day, your knowledge of the modern British Army and possibly some basic mental maths. You should dress smartly, either in school uniform, if you have one, or in a suit or 'jacket and tie' order.

    Don't be too intimidated by this: it is a basic sift to ensure that you have the correct number of limbs and eyes etc, and to gauge whether you are likely to meet the basic educational requirement for a scholarship, which is quite stiff.
  4. Is it the final interview before possible AOSB or is it the one they do before to prepare you for the previously mentioned interview?

    If it's the second then have no worries - they will just ask you about what you're doing at school, why you want a Scholarship etc (the normal things) and then give you a brief on what to expect at the actual interview.

    If it's the first then you need a bit more knowledge - they change the questions but I was asked:
    Cap badges/beret colour of different regiments (especially those I was interested in)
    General knowledge (time difference between here and USA, little bit of Middle Eastern geography)
    Political knowledge (different members of the Cabinet and political developments)
    Current affairs (situation in Afghan and Iraq mainly)
    Bit of logical thinking (working out direction of the room from the location of the Sun, few basic calculations)

    Either way dress smartly (and if you go with the school uniform option then make sure it's ironed/polished etc as they do notice and comment!).

    Good luck and let us know how it goes. If you get through and want any more advice on what to expect at the Scholarship AOSB then either search the forums or send me a PM and I'll try to help - again, good luck!
  5. tom


    Thanks for your help so far. Much appreciated!
    Yeah, it's the final interview before a possible AOSB.
    willbilly, cheers for the advice. How long did your interview take?
  6. Mine took over an hour - the ACA lost track of time owing to a political debate about something or other but I know other people who were only there for like 30 minutes. I have no idea how long it is supposed to take but it seems to last however long your ACA wants it to!

    As it's the final interview I would suggest getting a DECENT newspaper every day between now and the interview, checking news websites regularly and researching anything that seems big and important in depth - if you want to work out what classes as "big and important" then listen to the BBC World Service.

    Other classic questions they ask include:
    What do you think the role of an Officer is?
    What do you think the most important thing about being an Officer is?
    Define leadership.
    What's the difference between a leader and a manager?

    Also, if your maths skills are lacking then get yourself doing some timetables and make sure you understand how Speed/Distance/Time equations work - they tend to save that for AOSB but I have heard of people being asked in the interview.

    You could spend years preparing for the interview but as they will tell you a hundred times during the Scholarship process: they are looking for potential. Don't go in there thinking you have to be an expert on everything - a basic grasp will normally do.
  7. I had thought that sixth form scholarships had gone the way of the dodo (outside of Welbeck); I am pleased to hear that they still exist. Do they still automatically entitle the successful scholar to a Reg C on commissioning and is he or she tied to the technical corps as Welbexians are (in theory)?
  8. Assuming it's a full Scholar (ie. they were awarded a scholarship at the AOSB and not just a pass) then you get £1.5 thousand a year for each year of Sixth Form, you can re-apply to have it extended to the bursary and you get to go on a load of different AT courses - in return you must attend Sandhurst and serve three years as an Officer (or six for AAC) in any Regiment that will take you.

    So to directly answer your questions: yes, no