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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wheelchairwarrier, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. I have an interview next Monday, its an office based job, what does one take along these days and what about attire and most importantly do I wear my Veterans badge or ARRSE Mr Potatohead one ?
    Your most amusing and pi$$ taking replies welcome.
    I’ve never had a civvi job before,
  2. Also, perhaps considering wearing one or maybe more of these badges:

  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Grey suit, black leather gloves, uncontrollable right arm which goes in the Seig Heil salute as per Peter Sellars in Dr Strangelove.

    Bound to be a cert for the post.
  4. I heard you were going for a job as a bus conductor. How did you get on?

    edited to add; if they don't give you the job, post their details here.
  5. Depends on the company. Turn up wearing clothes 'one level up' in smartness and formality than the company you want to work for wears.

    If in doubt a sombre suit (traditional cut with vents) with a good shirt and a non-novelty tie, black socks and good black shoes (polished and with leather soles) will be acceptable almost everywhere. Do not wear brown!

    If they remember you for your dress sense then it will probably be for the wrong reasons.

    If you think there is a lot of competition for the job you could turn up in drag and in a wheelchair. Black up your skin and wear white gloves so you look like a minstrel. You will be offered the job because you cover all the PC ticks in the box:

    Black: Tick
    Disabled: Tick
    Gay: Tick
    Female: Sometimes, thus Tick

    You could go for a double whammy and wear a Plaid Cymru badge and just black around your eyes and turn up, as above in a wheelchair, but wearing a burqua. If they hire a black, disabled, gay/transexual/lesbian, muslim extremist welsh woman they meet all their government targets with just one person.
  6. Instead of going with your Mr Potato head badge why not go as Mr Potato head..... he has a fcuked up body and crap limbs :D

    If you don't get that job maybe you could get a job as a 'buoy' or an 'airbag'
  7. Will you be pimping your ride for the interview too?

    Chrome trims and a bicycle bell maybe...... and a bread basket on the front for you CV?

    And a turban....for luck.
  8. Sooped up wheelbarrow?
  9. His arms dont work, you'll never get him to do a wheelbarrow?
  10. Pretend to be Steven've got all the accessories
  11. Mmmm dunno then... how about carrying him in a wallpaper paste bucket?
  12. Definately both, a bit of flair never hurt anyone.

    Best of luck by the way.
  13. As a plantpot? :D

    If it's not going too well, convince them you chair doulbles up as a photocopier......... get a handfull of crayons and a small asian child and stuff em under your seat. It can work if you want it to.
  14. Dont forget to sell yourself WW

    Any uniforms will be cheaper as there's less of you to buy material for.

    Your expenses will be cheap as you can get half price fares

    And at the very least, if your colleagues have a bad day in the office they can pass you round and use you as a stressball.

    Good luck!
  15. Now that made me chuckle :D :D

    I noticed from an earlier thread that you have one semi working hand but not much else...

    How about you pass the 'Normals' their cups of water direct from the cooler, you could be perched on an old stool, with velcro on the back if you are in danger of toppling.

    When they have finished, they can lob the empty cup at you, or for entertainment drench you with anything left in the bottom of the beaker