Interview, dont know where to post

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Locky, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. my formal interview is tomorow (10th oct)!!

    is tie, shirt, pants and shoes fine ?

    what will they ask me !1

    i got told very very short notice so i dno what too expect aint been able to see them in the careers, is there a pass and fail ?
  2. Dress up smart as a button and you are always off to a good start.

    Make sure you polish your shoes including the side of the soles.

  3. It depends what the interview is for.

    If its for McDonalds, a suit is probably a bit OTT.

    If its for the local quarry, I'd recommend a rugged set of boots and a donkey jacket.

    If its for a place at NASA, wear a shiny silver jacket. It looks 'hitec'.

    If you are going for the Senior Lecturer post at Crawley Polytechnic, dont bother. I've already got the job.
  4. yeah i know smarrt i will be, but i wnt have like a jacket / blazer type thing that doesnt matter does it ? i wud of got 1 today but i lvie off £30 a week so cudnt afford it, hope i stil put accross a good impression
  5. lord_flash, FO i asked a serious question if u have nothign constructive to say dont bother posting..

  6. You probably will.........

    ......unless you have to actually write anything. :roll:

  7. Yes, you did ask a serious question. Unfortunately, you didn't specify what the interview was for.

    I'll kindly ask you not to tell me to 'FO' please.

    Lesson 1. Forces humour.
  8. I wish you all the luck you deserve.

    Be clean and confident - not flashy (sorry Flash) and lippy.
  9. lol, its jus for the army obviously, any advice would be greatly appreciated, sry for the arrogance
  10. What does Lesson 2 force, Flash?

    Locky, smart is definately the way forward, although i suggest that you wear trousers as well as pants.

  11. As smart as you can be really. It doesnt cost much to put across a smart image.

    Remember, you can never redo a first impression.

    As for shirt pants and tie. I'd suggest putting some trousers on as well.

    Be confident but not cocky or arrogant.

    Answer the questions. Dont waffle or bullshit.

    Be polite but dont be a hom.

    Show you are genuinely interested.

    Whatever Regt or Corps you are hoping to go into, make sure you know as much as you can about it.

    As for what questions they might ask you? Dunno. The Duke of Wellington did my interview. ;)
  12. well i jus done my run ran 1.5 miles in 9:35 in the pissin down rain, not at all bad so thts good :D

  13. Good on the run. Work on the spelling. ;)
  14. A sensible response there Flashy apart from the Duke of Boots interviewing you.

    A few tips for you Locky, turn up smart as you can polished shoes , ironed kit and sh*t, shower and shave. Recruiters prefer you to be in a suit but also realise that applicants come from different backgrounds so show youve put effort in.

    Turn up early for the interview, Be courtious and chatty but not over confidence. Concentrate on the recruiter and dont start looking around the room whilst you should be focussing on one spot. keep your hands by your side, dont start windmilling and figetting. Try and elaborate your answers and dont just answer with yes and no.
    Know your job briefs inside out....What the job entails, where your going (basic/trade) how long, what you'll do there etc.
    Dont try and bluff answers or lie as it will come back to bite you at late interview.

    Dont bite either as you did with Flash as you will realise about squaddie humour and for all you know He could be your interviewer (god help us all :wink: )

    Good luck, do your best and just remember Recruiters just want you to give info so they can write about you on the soldier selection record, if you dont talk they cant write anything on you.
  15. thnx for the help, jus found out some news tho bout a family member, im gna have to fone them in the morning and tell them i cant make it, aint a good first impression already :( what wil they say to that ?