Interview comming up.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Trevor-McDonald, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Its on the 8th of May, just wondering what to expect as I was told it would take around three hours. I wonder what he's got in mind :( . I wont be having my interview with my AFCO as he is away for another adventure, so I'm a little uneasy about that. Aside from that, I only really want my first choice so I might look a little half arsed when discussing my second & third as I can't lie to save my life, its why I'm single. Well, that & my cute little habit of collecting road kill & hanging outside my front door :crazy: . Any tips?
  2. 1. If you didnt get into those sort of situations, or just plainly said no, you wouldnt need to be good at lying to stay in a relationship :)

    2. Hopefully im going to hear back from the office soon, as to if im going for interviews and selection etc.

    3. I like mashed potatoe
  3. Its a standard interview dont worry just be honest and you will be fine
  4. make sure you dress smart!
  5. more importantly...are you THE trevor mcdonald?
  6. I had mine yesterday totally easy stuff, 90% was talking about family and partner the remaining 10% we got talking about ross in afgh and that program that showed ex service men homeless.

    Dress smart as it does get written on the report. The report will be sent to the person doing the final interview on selection. Don't lie about fitness because you will look daft when you cant perform on ADSC.

    Good luck :wink:
  7. Right, I've had my interview & it went well, although I had completely forgotten that you also had to do both a literacy & numercy test. They where p**s easy as was the interview, we spent most of talking about the cost of car ownership & the compost heap of the garden of England. I'll be going for selection any week now -I've got that nervos/excited feeling :excited: . So thanks for the tips & to answer a question, yes I am THE Trevor McDonald.
  8. What level did you get on your tests?
  9. Well done, TM.

    I've got my basic lit and num test in a few weeks. The recruiting officer has stated that should I pass this (lol), then I will be booked in for an interview.

    Is it normal to have the test and interview on different days?
  10. They do it whenever they can fit it in I think, I did my lit and num test when I did my barb so I think they just squeeze it in when they can. Don't worry though it's really easy
  11. Lit Level 1, Num Level 2
  12. 3 hour interview. that is a collosal exageration
  13. Yes! I did not dress that smart and he wasnt best pleased thats probably why mine lasted about 15 - 20 mins :)
  14. Okay time for me to be really pedantic. I am sorry but thought it was funny and I have already had a few beers so slightly pished.

    Anyway you got lvl 1 in Lit yet for some reason couldn't spell "coming" properly in the thread title.

    I know I'm petty but oh well.
  15. I know, 'comming' not 'coming'. God I am so ashamed, think I might kill myself. Thank you SO much for pointing that out, I think I speak for everyone when I say I am deeply impressed with both your spelling & your perception. B***h :p . Seriously though, I got 10 wrong out of 27 & still got a level one, so you'd have to be VERY thick to fail. Good luck to anyone else going for their interview, & just to confirm - BE HONEST! I told the Sgt interviewing me that I was'nt all that confident with my run & he gave me an extra week to get up to scratch.