Ok, I know I'm opening myself up to god knows how much ridicule but I kinda need the answer to a question.

I have an interview/chat with the Major at Dorset ACF next week and I have no idea what sort of questions I'm going to be asked or what to wear (yes I know girly question), but do I go as I am, dress smart or suit or what?

I've read the sticky and cant remember seeing the answer in there so thought the only way I'd find out would be to post.

And they're off......... :lol:
Skirt, short for the use of, Low cut top, Loadsa slap, garnished with high heels & a few gallons of "odur easy shag" should do the trick. Failing that just turn up with a pair of lightwhieghts on back to front & an industrial tub of swarfega !!!!!

Smart casual is best. white blouse, short plaid skirt, thigh highs
Do not on any account tell him the you are a devotee of Gary Glitter.
I assume from your nickname that you are tattoed. Give him a flash if they are in a special place
tattooedlady said:
And they're off......... :lol:
Yep, thats the best approach, with the plaid skirt as Bob suggested, and a few casual cartwheels and handstands thrown in.
Do you have any pom poms?


Seen "Basic Instinct"? Take your cue from Sharon Stone. Quick flash of the badly packed kebab and all of your troubles will melt away.
You said next week on 30/9, so it might have happened, if not, you might like a serious reply, sorry to spoil the fun. Dress: smart casual.
Questions will be along the line: why do want to join the ACF, I am assuming you do, what do expect to put into it, what do expect to get out of it.

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