interview at camberley???


I passed selection a few week ago and now have an interview for the nursing corps on the 21st April.

My recruiting officer has not given me any information about the interview, I was wondering if any of you had any advice or information you could give me that may help me.

Any information would be appreciated, thank you.
know why you want to be a nurse in the army, be confident but not cocky.
Know about nursing in the army, where the uni is, where QAs are deployed, think about where you would like to be in 5 years time, that sort of thing. No doubt someone whos been through the whole thing recently will be able to give you a good heads up on it.
Unless things have changed very recently the selection boards for QARANC are a 2 day process; before this you have the chance to go on "acquaint visit" which takes place over a single day; in my case a couple of weeks before the interview itself. On the acquaint visit the whole interview process is explained in more detail; as well as being given a presentation on the corp in general; its all pretty informal and not a test.

At some point you'll be given a list of questions you'll be expected to research for the interview; there's also a group discussion and an English test, and the questions you researched are also the basis for this part of the interview weekend. When it comes to the group discussion its important that you demonstrate you've done your research so make sure you demonstrate you have your own opinions, but similiarly don't rubbish anyone else's and appear overly confrontational; the officers on the selection panel are looking for someone they could see themselves working with (they're all nurses too).
Good Luck!
ps.. I realise I've just assumed your planning on entering as a student nurse and not a HCA or RN.. sorry if this isn't the case!

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