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hello new to the site.
basically just wanted to know if my knowledge on my first job choice is enough.
the princess of wales regiment is the infantry regiment of south east England and also recruits people from the isle of wight. it is named after princess Diana and was formed in 1992. if you look at its history it has been involved in every theatre of war since the battle of tangier in 1662. it is the most decorated regiment with 57 Victoria crosses. this regiment is made up of three battalions. 1 st is regular and is based in padderton Germany and is currently in Afghanistan. 2 is regular and is based in ballykelly in northern Ireland and has had a long year of public duties and infantry training. 3 is territorial and is currently supporting operations in Afghanistan. the regiments headquarters are based in canterbury kent. as this is an infantry regiment ill go to the infantry training centre catterick. this is a single course that last for 26 weeks and is phase 1 and 2 combined. in this training ill learn drills filed crafting skills at arms and first aid. you have to stay for 28 days and if you wish to leave to have to give 14 days notice. upon completion you have to serve a minimum of 4 years and 3 months and if you wish to leave you must give a years notice. when you start training you get 275 pound a week at phase 1 and when you finish training youll earn a bit under 18 000 pound a year. you get a total of seven weeks paid holiday. ok guys is this enough and also my second choises I don't know a whole lot about royal engineers and royal artillery and do I need to know a lot. sorry for bad spelling and such im very tired and don't know if this isn't the right place to post on
I'm no recruiter. But you might actually want to talk about your job role... As impressive of your brief history of PWRR, the training programme and your grasp of the pay and contract terms are, it's not actually got anything to do with being an infantryman.

Also if you are going to spout that rubbish you need to phrase it properly. How can a Regiment be formed in 1992 and have been operating since 1662? If your going to say it do it properly. As fascinating as the history lesson is, you are applying for a role which does not require you to be able to read and write. Explain that you know what will be expected of you, be enthusiastic and I am sure the line infantry will welcome you with open arms.

They might ask you about your other choices. But rather than giving them the glorious history of the Corps of Royal Engineers, and the dropshots how about talking about what the job is you are applying for.
Totally agree with Sammyn TMD. Interview boards look for a bit of in-depth knowledge and an appreciation of what the job entails, NOT a regurgitation of a basic web-page. You need to be able to articulate what interests you in the role and what indeed you yourself can bring to the party. It's nothnig to fear, but you will be expected to answer questions thrown at you and I doubt any of them will apply to your very brief precis which, if you speiled it through, you'll finish talking in about 15 seconds which will leave a lot of interview to fill!

Good luck.
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