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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AdamVallance, May 18, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone, I have my interview with office manager soon.

    Can anyone tell me what MACP, MACC and MACA is please?
  2. Is this for a job, or just to find out how much you actually know about your existing job?
  3. MACP - Military Aid to the Civil Power

    MACA - Military Aid to the Civil Authorities

    MACC - Military Aid to the Civil Community

    Why the **** you'd need to know that in any interview is beyond me.
  4. I always thought MACA was one of the Beatles. Ain't got a clue who the other people were although MACC sounds Scottish.
  5. Gives the applicant an idea of other roles a soldier could do besides Humanitarian, peace Keeping, combat so things of the past like Fire strikes, floods, foot and mouth, ambulance strikes etc..etc...etc. Also gets them to see of things happening this year like Olympic security and possible fuel tanker is pretty relevant.
  6. There are many titles like these ones what is the job you are being interviewed for? is it medical?
  7. I can appreciate the candidate requiring an idea that we do more than just assault gun positions and get home in time for tea and medals - but to ask them to know what MACP etc stand for is a bit much.

    Why? You clearly don't require any more drugs.
  8. The OP asked what it is...not what it stands for but to be honest a lot of the interviews are there to make sure that they are fully aware of what kind of situations they could encounter from riot control, to culling sheep/cows if we ever have do that pretty relevant.....not after an arguement understand your view but applicants need to look at the bigger picture of what the forces actually do.
  9. Spot on Ethel and as you say it doesn't take long to research these things...wish I had the internet when I joined up in the 80's
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