interview 3 for the ta

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mazza1, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. ive got my interview 3 next tuesday im just wondering what to expect during the interview and what will happen after the interview
  2. You have to do 3 interviews to get into the Reserves?

    ANd you may want to get a mod to move this into TA from regulars.
  3. The interview is for the ta is there anything you can help me with for this interview thanks
  4. Maybe start by stop calling it the TA!

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  5. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Why - it is still the TA, rebranding hasn't been done yet or changed by law
  6. Hmmm, we'd been told it had all been changed, oh well I'll shut my mouth.

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  7. TA interview? I never did one. Turned up on the Saturday morning, did a domino test, medical, and a BFT after lunch. Then we were sworn in, and told to await instructions for our first drill night.
  8. Serious answer.

    I don't know.

  9. Similar, sent off paperwork in october, got offered a selection in November but I couldn't go so did it in December. Attested beginning of Jan, consolidated Phase 1 in march.
    WTF are they doing to make it so slow? How many potentials are binning it because of the new process?
  10. You don't know the half of it mate.

    Good people getting binned right left and Chelsea. Docs missing, docs missing a second and 3rd time, I joined in May 96, I was trained and in by September.

  11. This is the standrd letter we E-Masil to all fresh meat, cough, splutter.....i mean potentail applicants. Learn about the unit you want to join and or arrange a visit if you've got time.

    Dear Xxxx,

    In preparation for your Job Interview at the Army Careers Centre at xxxx on xx/xx/2013 I have put together some information that you MUST know prior to arriving. Please take the time to study this information as you will be asked about it at interview:

    1. Fitness. You need to have recently completed a measured 1.5 mile run. This can be done either on a running track (6 x laps = 1.5 miles) or on the road/pavement (this needs to have been measured using a car for guidance). Please DO NOT do it on a running machine.

    2. The Assessment. You will need to demonstrate a good knowledge of what you will be expected to do during your 1.5 days at the Army Assessment Centre (AAC).

    3. Phase 1 Training. You will need to show that you understand what you will be doing at Phase 1 training, should you be selected. You need to know where your training will be, how long it will last and what things you will be doing during your time there (drill, fitness, weapon handling etc). This information can be found on the British Army website.

    4. The British Army. Please ensure that you research the British Army and know about which job/jobs you would like to do in the Army (your job choices) including where the training is conducted and how long it will last. You should know what the role of the Army is and have knowledge of any current operations. All of which can be found on the website.

    5. Terms and conditions. You should show that you have an understanding of the Army’s Terms and Conditions of Service; how long you could serve and what your minimum commitment would be.

    6. Qualifications and documentation. Please bring with you all qualification certificates that you have (in particular GCSE Maths, English and Science). I will need to check them to ensure that you are suitable for your job choice. Also bring x2 forms of photo identification (driving licence, passport) and proof of address (bank statement etc).

    7. British Army’s Values & Standards. These are Courage, Discipline, Respect for Others, Integrity, Loyalty and Selfless Commitment and you will be asked to give examples of when you have displayed all of these qualities.

    8. As part of your preparation we would recommend you visit the getting ready section on the Army website. I look forward to seeing you at your Job Interview (please dress smartly) and wish you the best of luck in your application to join the Army.
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  12. so how long should i be looking at if ive got my formal interview 3 on the 10/09/2013
  13. I started in oct 2011, thank fcuk I joined when I did! We lost 4 recruits not long ago because their minibus turned up at 11pm at Malta and whoever was on the gate told them they had to go back, all of the recruits on the bus plus a lad who was starting his w/e 9 I think, binned it after that!
  14. Arrse reelly realy kneeds a spellings and grandma checker.
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  15. That is, of course, the whole story.