Interview 2 Question

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Robert99902, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. Posted this in reg soldier recruitment but it dissapeared :S im just gonna blast it on here I recently did my barb test and ive got my interview 2 as my next step but i wasnt given a date, i was wondering if i should acheive my desired fitness
    level and 1.5mile run time before i arrange an interview 2, or will the army be expecting me to do this stage as quick as i can?
  2. Why wait to improve your fitness??
  3. The guy said to bring my 1.5 mile time but i think mine is pretty shite
  4. Then work on fitness, starting round about yesterday. When you know the date of the interview, run a 1.5 mile the day before and take that time. Best you can do!
  5. what time is it?
  6. 13:30, alot of walking and stopping for cars so i know i can do better but ive pulled a muscle in my leg
  7. im wondering if i should acheive my best time before going in or settle with a crap time before i go in
  8. Keep training, and go in with an honest time that you've achieved.
  9. alright thanks alot