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Interveiw for Welbeck

Hey everyone, first time post so please bear with me...

I had my interview with an army careers advisor today and I mentioned that I intend to do A-levels before I join up so I can go for officer training, also that I want to join the REME. Now my details are going to be passed onto a Colonel and he is going to interveiw me and asses me to see whether I'm suitable for Welbeck defence sixth form college, so now I should be called to arrange a time for me to come in which should be in a few days. I really want to go to the college because of the prospects it offers me but I'm worried that I'll mess up my interview and ruin my chances. I would like some advice on the sort of questions he may ask, how I can prepare for it and any other general advice to help me secure a place.
Dress smartly; wear your tie properly and polish your shoes. Make sure you address the interviewer correctly; these things all form part of their first impression of you. Research your desired career well, and also make sure you have a good knowledge of the army in general. Keep up with current affairs; make sure you have a sensible opinion on major issues, and you can express it clearly. Research Welbeck; what it is, what it offers, why it's right for you, etc. Research the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS), which you will be a part of after DSFC whilst at university. You should also have a funny, clean joke in mind beforehand.

It's a job interview; you're trying to make a good impression and sell yourself. Good luck :)
Hi all,

I'm applying to join Welbeck, and hopefully the Royal Engineers in due time. I noticed that the RE run insight courses (for people over 14) and potential officer fam visits (for people over 17.5).

As I am obviously not 17.5 years old yet, do you recommend that I go to the insight course (which i think is aimed at soldiers) instead?

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