Interval Training

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by blonde_grenade, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Been doing a lot of track work using 3 different sessions given to me by a PTI. However, they're getting boring now! Can anyone throw a few interval tng sessions my way. Go on...pretty please with a cherry on the top :)
  2. Sample: Three quarter or full sprint for 10-30seconds or 50-200m, walk or slow jog the distance / time back (or more if need be), repeat 5 or 10 or 20 times. Make sure to warm up thoroughly prior to your HIIT work. Lamp posts are just as good for markers if you don't have access to a track (sprint 1-3 "lamp posts", walk / jog 1-5 or whatever).


    Find a reasonable bit of uphill road / pavement (or grass hill if you're fortunate enough to have some nearby), run up as fast as you can, walk / jog back down, repeat x number of times.


    (Gym session) Exercise bike, 100% of your Maximum RPM for 30-90seconds, 40-60% for 1-3min recovery, repeat x no. of times. Same idea for cross trainer / stair master.
  3. Try googling "Tabata". Tabata sprints are nails however you can do pretty much anything in a Tabata type workout. Excellent way of getting you through a plateau when you hit one.
  4. you sick man very sick man!
  5. Ooooh, just googled and am definitely trying this later!! Brings tears to my eyes at the thought but I'll try anything once.... twice if I live to tell the tale :) Thank you and thanks to Glasgow_Jock too :)
  6. :D

    Try Tabata "Dumbell thrusters". I never knew 4 minutes could be so painful.
  7. TABATA :D That is gleaming!!! Will be giving that a go on Wednesday!

    Blonde_grenade, if you don't fancy that, try a stack:
    3mins 10k pace
    1 min rest
    2 mins 10k pace
    45 seconds rest
    1 min 10k pace
    30 seconds rest
    Repeat x1 (or x2 if you're not crumpled in a heap by the second set)
  8. Any chance of posting these sessions blonde_grenade?
  9. Have a look at t nation and the running man article.

    There is a couple of different programs for intervals depending on your goal, but the 400m one is a nightmare but nicely progressive.

    I would suggest using a heart rate monitor to dictate rest intervals instead of time for a while (depending on your fitness level). It's more suited to your personal circumstances then.
  10. I do mine with a treadmill set to 8% gradient and 15km/hr. Jump on for 20 secs, off for 10. Repeat until physically sick.
  11. Ja wohl!

    Session One (fairly easy):

    Lap warm up and then sprint for 100m and jog for a 100m once round the track.

    Then the next lap go as fast as you can for 200m and then jog 200m. Do this twice round the track.

    Then do a jog lap of the track and to finish do a best effort 400m.

    Session Two:

    800m warm up

    400m x 6 (approx 1:20 pace) with 90 sec recovery for each lap.

    400m cool down

    Session Three:

    400m warm up

    600m sprint then 600m jog (hate this bit!).

    400m sprint then 400m jog.

    200m sprint then 200m jog x 2

    400m full pelt, everything you've got! 400m recovery.

    100m sprint and 100m jog recovery x 2.

    400m cool down.
  12. You fucker! Just tried this on the rowing machine and puked in the gym. Truly horrendous. That's the last time I take advice off the internet :puker:
  13. Roger that. Thought I was going to die after a session on the track yesterday evening!