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Interval training.


How many intervals constitute an improvement over time. For example there has to be an optimum number/length/time over a set distance for an improvement to be made voer a number of sessions.

I'm currently doing 8X200m sprints over 2 miles, walking/jogging in between- twice a week.

Any idea as to if this is a good course of action for someone who is reasonably fit or can anyone advise any different.

There isn't I'm afraid a optimum number/length/time over a set distance. Basically it's doing something better this week then you did last week.

Training protocals will vary based on the goal you're trying to accomplish.
ie for a 1.5 mile run, you can do 400m or 800m intervals.
You can for those base the rest on the time taken for your heart rate to reach a certain level, or base it on time.
You can base the speed on as fast as you can go each interval or you can run them in a time that you are looking for (ie, you want a 9 minute 1.5 miler, you do each 400m interval in 1 minute 30 s and rest as needed until you can knock out a 400m run in 90s, then you reduce the rest until you're running all 1.5m at that speed without resting).

I'm a real fan of 400m sprints and hill sprints, but they can be pretty taxing so being able to comfortably run a 5 miler in under 35-40 minutes should be the base fitness (in my mind, others probably differ), otherwise I think you're wasting your time because you're too knackered to get the most out of them.

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