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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by KERLEY, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. For a few months now, i've had a long think about the Paras! Finally came to my senses and put in an application today, i've also been looking at the 'insight course' does anyone know if i have to wait untill further down the line of my application that i can go to this insight course, or can i apply now?

    Also, can anyone link me to some photos of the 'Trapezium' ... ?.. i just want to know as much info as possible! and see what i'm getting myself into :eek:

  2. Does google not work on your computer? Here is a link, not too sure how it will help you with P- Coy though... :roll:
  3. haha, allways nice to see someone with a good sense of humour.
  4. Lots of stuff on here about the Paras and as far as I know you can go on an insight course now, you don't have to wait to apply.

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  5. Will i get a chance to have a go on the climbing frame, down at the insight course? 8)
  6. Is is me or is the gentleman in the PTI's vest of the gwar persuasion? If this photo was taken circa '06, I still have f'in nightmares about that lunatic.

    Kerley - don't worry about it. By the time you get to the Trainasium, mentally, nothing will be able to stop you. Try not to fall off though.
  7. Play your cards right and they'll let you on the swings.... :D
  8. haha :D

    appreciate the feedback.

    sarnian, how was the Trainasium? how long into training isit untill you start doing all the high obstacles? :D
  9. The trainasium was fine. The ground underneath it hurt like a cnut.

    We did the parallel bars first - IE that high bit in the piccy. Everything else, IIRC is on a slightly lower level. It's not neccessarily hight that fcuks you around though. At your stage, I know that big high bit seems like the only thing between you and the Maroon Machine. It isn't. The biggest obstacle, and some might say the only one, is your will to succeed. It will be tested thouroughly and constantly. That is what P-Company is about (or what it seemed like to me, anyway). Really, don't worry about the climbing frame. Most of the guys saw it as a bit of fun between sessions of rather acute discomfort. Worry about the Land of Nod, the Lake, the blisters, the timings, the Rock of Love (to the cnut who said 'yeah mate, thats dead on 35lbs, maybe a shade over,' a pox on your fcuking house) the two miler, the freezing holes full of shi-ite on the assault course, the cold, the wet, wriggling around in sheep shi-it carrying twice your bodyweight, playing 'grenade' cause some f'in Rodney had spring-loaded webbing, lying on ground that is literally freezing and balancing your forehead on a pointy stick to stay awake in an ambush, the bergan sores, the welt you will get on the inside of your right wrist where the receiver rubs when you're tabbing.
    Actually, don't worry about any of it. I f'in loved it all, and I miss it all. Just throw everything you have into it, and you will have the time of your life. Don't worry about anything on the course. The DS will tell you to do something, you do it. It's that simple. As long as you have the mentality that there is no choice to refuse an order from the DS (which, to all practical purposes, there isn't) then there is nothing to worry about.

    Good luck, and enjoy it.
  10. ^^^^

    And that's why I haven't got the balls to be a Para!
  11. Cheers for that! gave me a right boost.

    once i do my 3 weeks at RAF to get my wings, would i be doing more and more jumps?
  12. Cant wait to be a Para.
  13. on top of all that,

    can someone link me to the fitness requirements.

    I've been practicing 3 mile run, in 19 minutes, and 80 situps and 60 pressups in 2 minutes. Is this close enough to the standards needed?