Interrogation training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Yorkshire, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. Should I practice interrogation techniques on one of my friends before joining the infantry? :?
  2. Definatly, but instead of throwing water over him throw petrol :p
  3. There's plenty of info on water-boarding techniques on the internet - try Google.
  4. ye u really shud... take ur mate up 2 ur room tie him up shove a ball gag in his mouth and beat them.... :?

    just hope ur house mates, misus or parents dont walk in..... :oops:
  5. You should practice them on yourself. I recommend exposing the cable from a standard household lamp, taping the bare ends to your scrotum, plugging it in and flipping the switch on at the socket.

    Shite WAH by the way
  6. Don't take your iPod
  7. Did you get yours stolen?
  8. I cannot answer that question.
  9. Practise summary execution on yourself instead.
  10. If you do want to, get married, and you'll have a world of understanding of the interogatee's point of view.
  11. We do that, our trainer did it in the army and has shown us. If you want to practis you can do it on one of our open days with Jas.
  12. There are many different types of interrogation training within the Army, and it's specific to arm.

    Teeth arms are taught to rough up LNs, though FFS don't kill them.

    Water boarding is a trade within the Int Corps, once you've passed your class 3 you can wear the WB badge on your working dress, to qualify as a class 1 you need to down 12 pints of aunty, and produce a 2-3 minute bright yellow horse p1ss, with a steady stream into the fuzzy wuzzys mouth and nostrils.

    CAC (conduct after capture) is also routinely trained within the armed forces so you will get a bit of a taste what it's like to be on the other side, expect to experience iPod withdrawal, cheap suit wearing, forced ping pong and chain smoking in a Hijab.

    Hope this helps.
  13. Christ. I didnt realise schools were off for summer holidays already.
  14. [​IMG] :rofl:
  15. Yorkshire, be careful how you cast that net, you don't know what you'll drag in.